Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday friends!  Wow, what a week!  Is it just me or should Tuesday really have been Friday!?!?  Linking up to ErikaAndrea and Narci to share my favorites from this week!

Let's get started with the obvious....

Valentines Day
 Definitely a favorite this week!  
John had so much fun at his class Friendship party! #allthelove

Just a little Elton John inspired Snapchat Valentine

All of his valentine's loot

I loved doing this for him!  Andrea shared this idea on her blog and I started doing it as well.  Definitely a tradition that I will continue to do every year!

was not a favorite.  But this coffee cup got me through.

Warm Weather!
OMG - it's been so up and down where I live in Virginia.  One day it's in the 70's and then next the low is in the 20's.  But let me tell you when it was warm you better believe we were soaking it up as much as we possibly could!

This is a trail right beside my office at work and when it's warm I walk the river at lunch.  It's great!

We took advantage of the amazing weather on Sunday and headed down to my parents house at the river after Church.

As you can see we were very happy about the warm weather!

DIY Necklace, big flowy cardigans, Lauren Condrad Cords, and Tom's wedges are my favorite this week!

I got these flowers from Aldi's the day after Valentines for $1.99!!!  
Can you believe they were only $1.99??? 
I was so excited, nothing beats a lovely bouquet of flowers on your bedside table....and for $1.99 - what a steal!

Trying to eat more salads and so far I'm loving them!  
So easy for a quick weeknight dinner.

Love this little Hulk!
Funny story I have to share - after I took this picture he took off the mask and hands and was trying to take off the shirt but it got stuck over his head.  I asked him if he needed help and he said no he could do it himself.
After trying to take it off with no success I went over and pulled on one of the sleeves to get him free and he exclaimed, "ugh, why did you do that!?  You ruined my life!!!"
I mean I had to slap the magazine I was reading over my face to keep from laughing out loud!  I ruined his life at 3 years old!!!
Heaven only knows what I'm going to do when he's 13?!?!

But then he looks like this when he falls asleep and it's just the sweetest thing ever!

Happy weekend friends!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday (on Wednesday) | My Loves

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!  I really wanted to get this out yesterday but completely forgot about it!

I'm linking up with Andrea for her Show and Tell Tuesday series and today I'm sharing my loves with you.

These two right here are the biggest loves in my life.  My two John's.  Husband, John, and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and have been together for almost 13 years.  I love this man for so many reasons but I have to say one of the things I love the most about him is what a wonderfully amazing father he is to our son.  I love him more and more each day!

On to my second love, my little big love.  My son, John, is a blessing in every sense of the word.  We tried for two years to have a baby and the day we got to see this little peanut on the ultrasound was one of the happiest in my life.  The day that I got to hold him in my arms for the first time is another moment I will be forever grateful for and never forget.

 He is the funniest, cuddliest, and all around amazing kid.  He'll say things that will make you do a double take and he marches to the beat of his own drum.  My husband and mother-in-law like to say he's been here before.  I believe he's an angel sent from Heaven and he makes our family complete.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weekend Rewind - Home Depot Workshop

Does anyone else have Spring Fever!  Oh my, it's in the 70's here and I'm LOVING it!!!  I'm over winter and ready for Spring and Summer. #givemeallthewarmweather

This past weekend was a fun one.  We enrolled John into his first ever Home Depot Workshop and he had an absolute blast!  

Look at that face!  He's so proud! 😍

Fun things to note about the Home Depot Workshop:
It's Free
Your child gets a cute little apron
They get to make something and take it with them
They get some 'flair'
It's Free
They get a balloon
They work off some little kid energy
It's Free

I mean we thought this was the coolest thing ever! Loved it, will definitely be doing it again!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Five on Friday and Favorites!

Happy Friday!!  I'm linking up to  ErikaAndrea and Narci for some Friday Favorites!

one // I made Andrea's monster cookies the other week for John and they were a hit!  So easy to make as well, the only ingredient I didn't have on hand were the m&m's but I threw a bunch of sprinkles on top and no one was the wiser. 😉

two // I shared the cutest little valentine project yesterday.  Go check it out if you're looking for an easy adorable idea for valentine's day.

three // Keeping a clean kitchen!  Disclaimer: I don't normally clean my kitchen at night before I got to bed, i know it's awful.  But since the new year I've been trying to clean it up after dinner and either wash the dishes and put them away or at least put everything in the dishwasher, wipe the counters down and have the coffee ready to go for the morning and ya'll, wow it has been making a huge difference.  i love it! I just feel better knowing it's clean.  Now I just need to start packing my lunch up at night too, I may need to ease myself into that one 😉

four // Having an actual date night!  We don't do it often but it's so nice to get out and do some adulting!  We went last weekend with some friends and I didn't get any pics, boo!  But we went to a great restaurant called Portico, delicious food and a great atmosphere.

five // Looking forward to the weekend!  Going to the library, meal planning, getting our house cleaned, going to the gym.  I'm trying to find some good exercises to help with my herniated disk - if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

Also linking up to these lovely ladies, April, Natasha, and Christina!  I adore their blogs!

Have a great weekend Friends!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Valentine Robot | An Easy DIY

Hello, hello!  I thought I would share an easy valentines DIY today.  I made these little cuties last year for my son's valentines party.  
It was so easy and the result was adorable!

Supplies you'll need:
hot glue gun
craft eyeballs
nerds candy
juice boxes
chocolate hearts

Directions:  You just hot glue it all together.  You can use the pics that I took as a guide.  I ended up putting them in the clear plastic treat bags you can get at Target, the dollar store, etc.

How cute are they!?!  I loved out they turned out!
BTW - these were definitely a Pinterest find! 😉

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday | 1/25/17

Cheers to my first What's Up Wednesday post!

I'm excited to be linking up to  MelSheaffer and Shay

Here we go!

Quick Tikka Massala - recipe coming soon
Salmon and greens


This little muffin right here. 

How is he getting ready to be 4?!?!


My yoga ball for work.  Hopefully it's giving me a little bit of exercise while I sit at my desk?! 

This past weekend we went to Discover the Dinosaurs and while the lines were out of control, John really enjoyed himself!

As you're reading this I'll be getting an epidural injection for a herniated disk in my lower back 😭. I hate needles, but I've had this herniated disk since September and I'm ready to be better.  So while the shot probably will hurt, I'm ready for some relief.

I really want to do this little project with John.  It spoke to my heart and I think it's such a wonderful thing to teach your children about having compassion for others.

Blogging again!
I've been out of the game for a while but I'm excited to get back to this creative outlet!

I'm totally hooked on this new Masterpiece show.  
I'm a sucker for a period drama.

 All the Missing Girls


Audio Books:
  I always listen to audio books during my commute to and from work.

What Alice Forgot


I've been loving this striped turtleneck from Target.  I've paired it with leggings, jeans and work pants.  Very versatile.  (Not a very good picture, but it's what I'm loving!)

Decorating for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day!  Every year I send my boys on a valentine's treasure hunt and it's always a fun time.

Nothing much really - wah-wah

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday | Steal & Splurge

I'm so psyched to be joining this link up.   I'm linking up to Andrea and today I'm sharing how I save my family lots of money and what I think is worth the splurge.

1.  Amazon Prime 
This is something that more than pays for itself.  You get free two day shipping, access to all kinds of videos and tv shows, you get to use Prime now, the prices are very competitive and the list could go on.  It's definitely a steal for our family.

2.  Costco membership
Again the membership more than pays for itself.  I not only use it for food, but also for the gas (lowest by far) and also for ordering pictures or large prints as well as refilling printer ink cartridges.  Love this steal for my family.

3.  Aldi's for grocery shopping  
Ya'll if you are fortunate to have an Aldi's near you totally try it out.  I can do a weeks worth of shopping for my family of three for around $60.  That includes fruit/veggies, meats, dairy, etc.  All of it!  I try to shop there as much as possible because the savings are HUGE!

4. Public Library
 Okay so this technically isn't a steal or maybe it is, but I use my public library for all of my reading material as well as getting movies and books for John, my library has a great children's section and I love to take him in and let him go crazy.  And it's completely free!  Probably saves me somewhere in the 3 figure range because I love to read!!

1.  Childcare
And trust me we learned the hard way.  Long story short, my husband and I both work full time so we needed full time childcare and we went with the closest one to our house.  Big mistake, lesson learned.  So when we chose the daycare that our son is at now it was for the safety, staff, curriculum, and bonus they provide food for our son.  So while it's the more expensive it's worth every penny!

2.  Gym membership
We pay a decent amount for our gym membership because it has indoor family pools as well as a great outdoor pool facility that we use all the time in the summer.  Plus they have an amazing kidzone that we can use if we want to drop John off and go work out.  (we rarely use that though). 

3.  Target trips (vacation)
 Oh man, I don't splurge on one thing per se but more just everything.  You've heard the story a million times, you walk in with two things on your list and $120 later you walk out with 6 bags full of things you didn't realize you needed.  Target is an evil genius.   

4.  Starbucks
Do I really need to pay $5 for a coffee?  No I don't, but I do anyway.  I have no reason for justifying either, I just do.