Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My 31st Birthday

Was this past Friday and it was a pretty darn good one!

I took the day off of work and relaxed which was fabulous!
Here are a few things I received for my birthday.

Jimmy Choo perfume that I've been wanting for a while, it's a great scent to transition into fall with.
               Totally out of the blue was this Emporio Armani watch, which I LOVE!  This was actually from my MIL and FIL, seriously I have the best in-laws ever, hands down!
               JR took me to a local french resturant called Can Can Brasserie, amazing and delicious!
And now the celebration continues because I'll be having dinner tonight with some of my besties, drinks tomorrow night with some bloggie friends, lunch and dinner on Thursday with some more dear friends and I'll get to see my parents this weekend for my birthday!  I know ya'll wanted to know my itinerary for the week, right?! haha : )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What can you get for $42?

All of this! 
From Left to Right:
Bath and Body Works - I had two coupons, one was for a free travel size signature fragrance and the other was 20% off your entire purchase.  So I got myself a hand soap for the kitchen, the 5 mini hand sinitizers (I had already put one in my car) and they were having a sale on the beach candles, buy one get one free, yes!  So my total and BBW came to roughly $16 not bad for all of that! 
Next up came Target - I needed some cotton pads for my mani's and I've been stalking all of the target's in my area for that watch in the picture and finally found it!! I also found my absolute favorite sally hansen top coat, Double Duty, I didn't think they made it anymore.  My total came to roughly $20 at tarjay.
Then on to Victoria Secret because I had a free pair of panties coupon, and yes I'm that girl who goes into VS and only gets the pair of free panties and I am not ashamed to admit it, if you want to send me a free merchandise coupon then I'm gonna use it and may or may not buy anything!
Last stop was to Old Navy where I got the bargain of the century ya'll!!! As I was perusing their racks I came across the above maxi dress and looked at the price tag, WHAT?!, I thought there's no way this is right!  And then I saw a couple more of the same dresses and checked their price tags and they were all the same $5.97 I KID YOU NOT!  That maxi dress was under $6, they didn't even have t-shirts on the sales rack for less than $8! 

And that my friends is how you have yourself a little shopping spree for $42!

What are some of the awesome bargains ya'll have found lately?!  I'm dying to know!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's on my phone

Happy Thursday Friends! 

I love taking random pics with my iphone and thought I'd share a few of the ones that are currently living in my phone : )
1. My morning coffee - I try to alternate between tea and coffee because I take my tea without sugar, trying to be a little healthy.
2. Okay so if you were a kid growing up in the late 80's early 90's like me then you totally remember the kool-aid commercials with the big kool-aid man/pitcher busting through the brick wall and yelling, "OH YEAH" so as I was leaving the mall I looked over at this building and that's what I saw, totally took me back to Saturday morning cartoons and made me crack up laughing because it was so funny to see!
3. Peonies, peonies, peonies at Fresh Market, oh my good gracious the heavenly scent of this flower, ugh so good!!
4. A little afternon snack -- Cheerwine and shrimp with Old Bay seasoning -- doesn't get much better than that ya'll!

1. My favorite breakfast oatmeal -- the Quaker Real Medleys are sooo yummy, my favorite is the peach and almond, seriously good and healthy!
2. My new favorite razor, hello smoothness!!! This razor is amaze!
3. My water cup and orange nails a la elf (I am actually not happy with this nail color and had to take it off because it started chipping, boo!  I love the color but not good quality for some reason?  I wore one of the other elf nail colors last week and it was fine, not sure what happened with this color though?

Tomorrow's Friday and I'm getting excited for the weekend! : )

Monday, July 16, 2012

The best of my Vacation-Staycation

JR and I were off the week of the 4th for our annual "staycation" and I have to say that I had a GREAT time.  We did something every day so it felt like we got really good use out of our time because nothing is worse than going on vacation and then coming back from out of town and feeling like you need another vacation to recuperate from your first vacation, you know what I mean? 
Yeah, you know what I mean.

Here's a little rundown of some of my favorite things I did while on my staycation!

Went to the Movies.......
Oh yeah, Magic Mike was some kind of good ladies, if you haven't gone to see this yet, then grab some of your girlfirends and go, you won't be dissapointed!

Went with JR to see ted, hilarious!

Went out with Friends.............
Went to On the Rox to watch the european soccer championships, lots of mimosas and lots of fun!

Went to The Funny Bone comedy club and had even more fun!

Eddie Ifft was the stand up comedian and he was pretty dang funny, either that or I had a little too much wine, hard to tell.....

Fixed some yummy food.........
This greek salad is my favorite!

Bought a couple things.........
This e.l.f. nail polish set I scored at TJ Maxx for $3.99 and I'm dying over the colors!!!! I'm obesessed with any shade of coral right now!!!

Went to the River...........
Ended my staycation with a lazy day on the river, nothing beats drifting in the water on a float when it's 110 degrees out!

Great week ya'll!  Does anyone else love their staycations as much as I do??!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

June and July Birchbox

Hi Friends!  Sorry I've been absent from the old blog lately, it's been a busy summer!  So busy that I completely missed posting June's Birchbox, yikes!  I figured I'd just do a double birchbox post to catch up though, so here we go.

June's Birchbox.........was okay, really didn't blow my socks off....

Here's the breakdown of the box and what I thought.
~ Modcloth Headband - cute but haven't worn it yet and probably won't wear it often, it's not really my style.  I would have preferred one of the designer ziploc bags that a lot of people got.

~Masqueology Brightening Mask - super excited to try this out!

~ Comodyness Self-Tanning Intensive - okay, I don't know about ya'll but I am so not good with putting a self tanner on with a towlette!  I did not like this product at all, I received two of the towlettes and used one of them and ended up looking like a streaky hot mess!  I had to exfoliate to get it off, I'm just not good at trying to put a clear tanner on with a little wipe becuase I can't see where I've already applied and where I haven't.  Towelettes are not for me!

~theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen - I've heard good things about this product but I'll be honest, I haven't used it yet.  I'm a little intimidated by the intensity of the color.

~Supergoop SPF 30+ Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body - good stuff!  Used it and like it!

July's Birchbbox..........was Themed and Themed = Awesome!

This was a Glamour inspired box and I was really excited about what I got!

~amika Obliphica Hair Treatment and Nourishing Mask - I've been on a hair product kick lately so anything hair related I'm loving!  I can't wait to try these out!

~Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner - I'm a liquid eyeliner gal so I was psyched to get this and it came in an Olive Green color which will be fun to try out!

~boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++ - I've been hearing so much about the B.B. cream (still not 100% sure what it is exactly) but was excited to give it a try!  I put it on this morning before I put the rest of my makeup on and so far I'm really liking the look it's giving me.  It's given my skin a nice even look and little luminous as well.

~LARABAR uber - I love larabar's and have never tried the uber variety so I'm excited to give this a try and see what I think.

~Harvey Prince Hello perfume - love it!  It reminds me of the Viva la Juicy, which I wear almost every day!

~Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds - so fun and definitely one of those things you can never have enough of!!

The July box was a lot of fun and I love all of the bright colors!!! So tell me, what did you get in your July box, I'm dying to know!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012