Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Things Friday!

Hello Lovelies!  I've been a bad blogger lately and I was so excited because I was on a roll there.  The craziest thing is that I think about blogging all the time, I think about what I can blog about, what pictures to take and then it all just never happens.  I'm such a procrastinator! 

Anyway!  Below is my list of the five things I hope to accomplish this weekend!  The weather is going to be chilly and wonderful! : ) 
  1. Have some friends over for dinner tonight!  I'm making Chicken with succotash, brie stuffed mushrooms a la Pioneer Woman, brown rice, and bread pudding for dessert!
  2. Sit outside with a fire in the kiln, I love it when the weather is cool enough to do this.
  3. Organize my 31 stuff (did ya'll know I'm a 31 consultant??) Post on that coming soon with a giveaway no less!
  4. Clean my house up for potential book club on Wednesday (no one has actually finished the book so I don't know whether we'll have it or not)  We're such slackers!!
  5. Paint my nails!  I love to do this on Sunday evening, it's a new color for the work week! I'll post pics!
That's it, what do ya'll have planned for this weekend?  Anything fun?!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Years Ago....

I can't believe that on Tuesday Hubby and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary!  I feel like we've been together forever and yet, at the same time, I can't believe it's been 3 years already.  So far the journey has been pretty great and I know the best is yet to come! : )  I love that man more than words can say!


We celebrated by going to see Wicked!  I loved it and Hubby actually really liked it as well.  I read the book years ago so was really interested to see how they had turned it into a musical.


Before we went to Wicked we had dinner at Balliceaux, it's a great little resturant that's got a perfect atmosphere for date nights. : )

It's funny because I actually started blogging so I'd have somewhere to keep track of all my wedding planning.  I had the added bonus of meeting so many wonderful ladies who were doing the same thing and it's amazing to see where they are in their own journeys.

I'm off to the Outer Banks for the weekend.  I'll try to take lots of pics to share on Monday! : )  Happy Weekend All!