Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas - 2010

 We had a great White Christmas this year!  And I'm so excited because I got a Nikon D3000!!! So I'm a picture taking fool now!

Yeah, I don'nt know what kind of face I'm making here!!

Hope ya'll had a great Christmas too!! : )

Now it's time to get this place cleaned up!  When Christmas is over I always get in the mood to go through my closets and do a good clean out, get rid of the clothes I don't wear anymore, make room for the new stuff (or the things I'll buy in the January sales!) and just get into organization mode to start the year off right! 

How about ya'll, does anyone else do this?

Friday, December 24, 2010


I wish nothing but the most wonderful blessings to everyone on this beautiful Christmas Eve!  May you be filled with the spririt of Christmas and wonder of the birth of our Lord Jesus!

Merry Christmas Friends!
Sarah and Hubby : -)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 29 Goals in 2010

So back in January instead of doing the usual New Years Resolutions, like go to the gym more, never happens, I decided to do some goals for 2010.  These are things that I could work on all year long, which for me being a self proclaimed procrastinator were perfect! 

I'm going to share these goals with you and let you know if I actually was able to acheive them. : ) 

I'll also be doing another list of goals for 2011, that list will contain 30 (I chose 29 because I turned 29 this year) so the 30 list will have to be a doozie!

Now, I'm going to tell you right now that I didn't actually achieve hardley any all of these goals, so the one's the I didn't complete will be going on to my 2011 list.

Okay on to goal 1 and 2.

Goal 1 - Attend Church on a regular basis (I didn't quite acheive this goal I'm embarrassed to say, I did try a bunch of Church's out and ended up finding one that I really like that I've gone to a handful of times, so this will definitely make my 2011 list)

Goal 2 - Run a 5k (**Disclaimer - I'm NOT a runner, hate it, but I did start running back in February kind of gearing myself up for a 5k in April, but it never happened.  I've printed off the running plan From the Couch to 5k (google it, it's awesome) that I'm hoping will help me out.  This goal will also be making my 2011 list)

So there are my first two goals and as I'm looking through my list of goals I didn't actually acheive a lot of them, but they're good goals that I'll be sharing and adding to the 2011 list. 

Happy Tuesday!