Monday, April 30, 2012

My Current Addictions

Happy Monday Loves!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, mine was very nice, relaxed on Friday night, went with Hubby to brunch on Saturday, and went to Target on Sunday.  I also did a little cleaning out and organization of some of my things.  And of course ended the weekend with Game of Thrones on HBO, hubby and I are obsessed with that show! So good!

So I took these pictures last week while hubby (I'm going to call him JR from now on because hubby is kind of starting to annoy me, the name, not the man : D)
JR and I decided that last weekend was a good time to take a little mini vacation staycation, it was fabulous but because I'm a procrastinator by nature I'm just getting around to posting about these now.

Here we go...........

I love lip gloss!  It's been an addiction of mine for a while and if I had to choose lip stick or lip gloss, it would be lip gloss hands down!  These are the lip glosses that I keep with me in my makeup bag at all times.  I think I have a problem ya'll.

But I can't help it, I need choices!!

Now I thought I was pretty bad with my lip products that I kept in my purse, but have ya'll seen Mendi's (from Her Late Night CravingsWhat's in My Bag video???  Mendi, honey, you need an intervention : ) but I loved your video and you too Jayme!!! If you haven't watched her video go and watch it and you'll know what I"m talking about! haha!

So along with lip gloss, I'm also currently addicted to nail polish and elf makeup!  I can't get enough of them right now!  I walk into Target and immediately go to the makeup isle! 

An addiction that I'm currently curbing.....magazines!  I've vowed that I am not going to buy another mag until I've gone through my ridicuously large amount of magazines and tear out what I want to keep and recycle the rest.  But I might have fallen off the wagon and bought the Glamour with LC on the cover and In Style with Jen Anniston on the cover, ugh, it's like crack!  It's been a process but I think I got through 12 mags this weekend.

I gotta know what are your current addictions?!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So this past weekend marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic (cue Leo and Kate with a little Deon in the background)

While at a friends house for dinner one night last week my friend informed me that you could go to the Mariners' Museum in Newport News, VA and attend a "last dinner" on the's where it gets creeptastic ya'll....

You could purchase a first class ticket for $250 and start dinner at the exact time that the first class passengers on the Titanic started and eat what they ate while listening to the same music that they listened to.......


you could purchase a third class ticket for $125 and start dinner at the exact time that the lower class passengers started theirs, eat what they ate and listen to the music that they listened to.

The dinner will conclude at the exact time the Titanic hit the iceberg!!!!  CREE-PY!!!  And of course I'm the kind of person who would have LOVED to attend, but we had a wedding to attend so we couldn't go.

Could you imagine it, exactly 100 years later attending a dinner like that, awesome but creepy too!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April Birchbox

Hello lovelies!

I'll just jump right in and say I wasn't too impressed with this months birchbox.  I'm sure it's partly due to the fact that my teen vogue box was awesome and I had the same kind of expectations for this months box. 

I do know from looking at what other bloggers have gotten in their birchbox's that some months are definitely better than others and I guess this is just one of those months where the box is kind of, eh...... 

Here's what I got:
Yes To™ Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes - These are okay....they do the job but they're nothing spectacular.

~ Alima Pure™ Organic Nourishing Lip Balm - This lip balm was just okay as well, I got the Rhubarb color.  I went to twist it up and ended up not being able to get it back down again : (

~ J.R. Watkins Peppermint Foot Salve - This is probably my favorite product out of this box.  It's got a nice peppermint flavor and I've been putting it on at night and so far it's been working really well.  Better than handing over the money for a pedicure!

~ LIV GRN C2C Fragrance Collection in Natural - I did not like this perfume at all.  It was way too sweet for me.  I'm more of a floral girl and this smelt like candy.

~ Weleda Pomegranate Firming Night Cream - I tried this product for the first time last night and I couldn't get past the smelt like a public restroom, kind of lemon sterile....maybe that was pomegranate, but I don't think so.

There you go! 

So even though I really didn't like anything in this months box that's actually the great thing about can get these samples and see what you like and what you don't like (instead of paying the big bucks for a full size product that you'll never use). 

So tell me what did ya'll get and what did you think?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Kool Aid, Cake Balls, and Detox!

I'm a little late posting about this but better late then never.....
I hope everyone had a great Easter last weekend, the weather was gorgeous here and I enjoyed a day on the river with my family!

 I dyed my easter eggs last Saturday and this was the first time that I used Kool Aid to dye them with!  I'm pretty sure I saw this on Pinterest but I can't remember.  And of course I forgot and didn't take any pictures of the dyed eggs, but they turned out very earthy which I kind of liked!

Next, I made Cake Balls, lemon and funfetti to be exact and let me tell ya they are a labor of love these things!  Easy peasy to make but tedious and time consuming!!! They were pretty yummy though!

And lastly, after Easter was over hubby and I did a 72 hour Detox.  I used the same detox that my bloggy friend Amiee used over at Chronicles of a Dime.  It's not a crazy shake detox, but a healthy version of a detox, mainly to get the caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and sodium out of your system.  It wasn't too bad and I ended up shedding three pounds.  But by the end of it I was so sick of chicken and asparagus I didn't know what to do. haha! 

(this is a pic I snapped last month, I was on my way to a blogger meet up with some fabulous girls!  Had a blast!)

I received my April Birchbox in the mail on Saturday so come back tomorrow to see what I got!! : )