Monday, April 16, 2012

Kool Aid, Cake Balls, and Detox!

I'm a little late posting about this but better late then never.....
I hope everyone had a great Easter last weekend, the weather was gorgeous here and I enjoyed a day on the river with my family!

 I dyed my easter eggs last Saturday and this was the first time that I used Kool Aid to dye them with!  I'm pretty sure I saw this on Pinterest but I can't remember.  And of course I forgot and didn't take any pictures of the dyed eggs, but they turned out very earthy which I kind of liked!

Next, I made Cake Balls, lemon and funfetti to be exact and let me tell ya they are a labor of love these things!  Easy peasy to make but tedious and time consuming!!! They were pretty yummy though!

And lastly, after Easter was over hubby and I did a 72 hour Detox.  I used the same detox that my bloggy friend Amiee used over at Chronicles of a Dime.  It's not a crazy shake detox, but a healthy version of a detox, mainly to get the caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and sodium out of your system.  It wasn't too bad and I ended up shedding three pounds.  But by the end of it I was so sick of chicken and asparagus I didn't know what to do. haha! 

(this is a pic I snapped last month, I was on my way to a blogger meet up with some fabulous girls!  Had a blast!)

I received my April Birchbox in the mail on Saturday so come back tomorrow to see what I got!! : )


  1. Wow...I'm really impressed with your cake balls. I've tried to make them in the past and it was a disaster! Thanks for your sweet comments on my wreath I made. It was super fun!

  2. Yaaay, so glad you tried the detox and had success with it! I totally hear ya on being sick of asparagus - same here, haha!!

    Missed you yesterday!!

  3. So excited to see what you got !!! :D


  4. Ok I'm gonna have to look into that detox! And those cake balls look fantastic! Look at you being all fancy with the drizzle icing :) Yum! We missed you on Sunday. Can't wait to get together again :)