Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scotland (the end of our trip) : (

Sooooo, haha, towards the end of our trip we went to Stirling. Now Stirling, if you haven't guessed is the home of the famous William Wallace, better known as the sexy Mel Gibson in a kilt! mmmmmm......hahaI mean seriously, that's just nice ya'll.

It also happens to be the home of our friend Pete, better known as SIL's man friend. haha

me and hubby quickly snapping a shot
Hubby giving Pete a hard time, as usual

MIL and SIL and me posing in the hotel in Sterling

Pete's mum and dad's place. None too shabby.....
another pic... bird.....

Gotta love the timer on my if you can't tell I got a spray tan when I was over there and ya'll I'm officially hooked!!! I love it! And I'm not talking the booth tanning I'm talking there's an actual person spraying you, it's awesome, I looked like I had been at the beach for a week!!! I've already found someone over here that does it and you better believe I've already gone once!! haha, it lasts about a week so I'm happy. AND I'm not baking myself in the tanning beds which is definitely a good thing, I mean I'm no spring chicken anymore!!

Easter Sunday brunch, after SIL and I went to Church.


Kate's YUMMY French toast with bacon.....*drool* Our last day. On the train. Heading into the city

Me.Trying to look like I'm in deep thought.
Shameless picture taking of awesome is SIL's mirror!!!Love it!!!
And again.
Right after we went for a Curry lunch....

Automotive History museum, Yeah!!
Me and the phone booth shot! Yes I'm wearing my sunglasses and yes I'm in a building, don't judge!!
The Harry Potter car! See the owl in the backseat!
I'm sorry Pete, I had to do it!!! We all got ice cream when we left the museum and they put this 'rasberry sauce' on it that seriously turned your lips and mouth blood red!!! It was so good!!
Look closely, see the eyeballs in the skull....they're not supposed to be there.....


Train station.
The end! : ( That's it for our Scotland 2009 trip! Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'll be showing you some fun gifts that I ended up taking over for the family in my next post and then showing you my fun purchases as well!!! Tomorrow Friday! YAY!!! : )

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Tour of York!

On the way to York.....we're crossing the border to England....hubby was telling me you see a lot of castles at the borders because that's how they protected their lands......
Hubby, mum (MIL), and hubby's Aunt

Me and Aunt

Me posing! : ) It was really windy...haha
This was the hotel that we stayed in it was really nice on the outside and just so-so on the inside.....hubby and aunt....

Going into the city of York......
And let the touring begin!!!!!......

Walking down the street I happened to look in the doorway of this resturant and look what I saw!!! How fabulous is that!? I had to take a picture!
I had to take two pictures!!! Love it!

Chocolate Heaven....YUM!

Diagon Alley, seriously looked like it!

Street Performer

Priest walking down the street

Me posing

The Minster

Inside the Minster

The ceiling in The Minster
Diagon Ally or the streets of York, can't really tell the difference!?

Old Fizzywigs

Street actor....I couldn't imagine sitting on that bike all day like that!!!

Street actor from the front....

Hubby and me!

Hubby waiting for the ghost tour we took to start.

I had to take a picture of this building....if you look closely the you can see where the window has slanted into where the bricks have settled, isn't that crazy looking!?!?

The streets of YORK, not too far from the street where Guy Fox was born.....'Remember Remember the Fifth of November!'

The Minster