Monday, May 22, 2017

A Day in the Life | Weekend Edition

I'm so excited to share this post with you!  

Day in the Life posts rank in my top five favorite posts to read (along with home tours, holidays, and peaking in your bags, because I'm nosy)

So here we go....since it was Saturday, we slept in a little.

Started the day with some snuggles and cartoons on the couch...

With coffee of course.....

Then it was time to get dressed and ready for the day....

Before makeup....

After makeup.....much better 😏

Our first stop was going to be the Farmers Market but they weren't open yet so we headed to Ross to kill some time and had to pick up a Dory school supply set.

Then we headed over to the Farmers Market and I failed to take any pics, I got too excited about all the fresh produce.  Here's what we got....

After the Farmers Market we headed across town to run some more errands and made a stop at the Starbucks in Target (there was a pirate cake pop purchase that I didn't get the chance to take a pic of because it was eaten too quickly)

After we finished with our errands we headed back to the house for some quiet time.

Little man and Dad worked on some legos.....

 While I read a little of my book (got this recommendation from Mix&Match Mama)

Then I headed to PlantNite at 3pm....I had gotten a Groupon for this because it was going to be done with my team at work but I wasn't able to go when they went due to a conflict.
So this was my makeup day.

If you've never heard of it, it's a lot like the PaintNite that people do but it's plants.  
Super fun!

The PlantNite was actually in our local Kroger so I did a little shopping afterwards and then headed home.

After all the groceries were unloaded we headed back out to Mexican with some friends. 

I was so busy talking and eating that I didn't snap any pics, but my shrimp tacos with goat cheese were amazing!!!

After dinner we walked over to the bookstore (my happy place) and perused for a little while.

The kids enjoyed the bookstore, especially the unicorn masks! haha!

We headed home to feed Flynn....

And read our new book...Dragons Love Tacos 2....really cute!
(sorry the pic is blurry)

And once little man was asleep, John and I started watching The Keepers on Netflix.  This one is hard to watch ya'll.

I fell asleep at 9:45pm.

And that was our Saturday!  I hope you enjoyed it!  Let me know if you've done a Day in the Life post, I'd love to read them!

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites | Happy Mother's Day

Happy Friday ya'll!

Linking up with Andrea and Narci for some Friday Favorites today.
Also linking up to Christina for 5 on Friday!

My number one Favorite is something special I get to do with my little man every year and that's "Muffins with Mom" at his daycare.  
It's so sweet and all the kids are so excited.

The teachers always help the kids make something special for Mom and this it's this little tray.  
Not gonna lie, I teared up when I opened it up.  #allthefeels

He also made me this drawing.  
I can't.  It's so sweet.  
I love seeing his little stick figures!  

Next up is my love for the Pioneer Woman, she never disappoints and her line at Wal-Mart is so whimsical and adorable that I just want to have it all!
The best part is it's not expensive, these mugs are less than $5!  

 And this adorable little cake stand is less than $15! 
Somebody buy this for me please!

 I had to pick up this 'lovely' tea towel at Wal-Mart because it will be perfect for Summer and it was less than $2!  #winning

Who else loves a work bathroom selfie!  Haha! 
 I took this pic because my rose gold shoes are one of my favorites, they instantly brighten up any outfit and they make me happy 😊

My final favorite for this week is a new adventure that we had last weekend.  We live in Virginia and are a stones throw away from Colonial Williamsburg so decided to spend Saturday at an amazing park there.  They have a zip line and obstacle course in the park called GoApe.  John loved it!

There were two sides to the course, one with ropes to hold on to and another that didn't.
He didn't care for the side without the ropes but LOVED the side with the ropes to help you across.
The end of the course has a zip line and that was probably his favorite part.

If you live in this area, you should definitely check it out!

That's it for this week!
Happy Mother's Day to all you mama's out there, I hope you have the best weekend!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday | Memory Lane

Happy, Happy Tuesday!

Linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.

I'm an 80's / 90's child and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Man the 80's and (early) 90's were awesome!!!

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the nostalgia of my youth.  Follow me if you're another cool product of this generation. 😎

Here are a few of the my favorite childhood things.

Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, Rainbow Bright and Care Bears were all the best!

I swear if I could smell this again, I would be transported back to middle school.

I loved this lip gloss!  Does anyone else remember these?!?

Annoying siblings and parents for decades!

The Book It!  If you got all your stars then you got a free pizza lunch! #winning

Honorable mentions:
Saturday morning cartoons
Canadian Coolers
Anne of Green Gables (the original mini series)
Jelly Shoes!
Scholastic Book Fairs
MASH - I played this game all.the.time. I needed to know how many kids I would have and if I was going to live in a mansion or apartment!

Good times people, good times!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Book Review | March and April

I've been on a reading kick for a while now so I thought it would be fun to do some book reviews on here.

March - I read two books

Summer Rental was the first Mary Kay Andrews I had ever read and I enjoyed it.  It's about three friends who live very different lives and are all going through their own stuff and they end up in the Outer Banks for a couple of weeks in the summer. It has mystery, romance and intrigue.  It would definitely be a good beach read.

I had to read this one after Mix and Match Mama gave it such a great review and it did not disappoint.  It was a real page turner and I loved everything about it.  Highly recommend.

April - I read five books

Rules of Civility is actually my book club book.  I am in a book club that meets sporadically and we met in February and picked this one.  I had to request a hold at the library so didn't get it until April.  I don't usually gravitate toward early 20th century fictions but this one was pretty good.  It had a lot going on but was well written and kept my interest.  I would recommend this to others.

I hate to say this but I wasn't a huge fan of Yes Please.  It was just okay.  I don't think I would recommend this one.

Loved, loved, loved Woman of God.  I read some of the reviews on Amazon and a lot of people rated it poorly because they said it wasn't believable, it's fiction.  Anyway the story telling in this one is just great, it's fast paced and a page turner and I really enjoyed and would highly recommend.

 I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!  So I really like a good young adult sci-fi series and this one is excellent!  The Sorceress is part of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and I believe there are 6 books in all.  I will definitely be reading all of them.

The last book I read was Boy, 9, Missing and this was a Christmas gift from my husband that I instantly put at the bottom of my book pile because, hello, I have a little boy and I don't want to read about one missing!  But I decided it was time to pull it out and give it a try and it was an excellent who dun it?  Had me guessing until the very end and gave a nice twist!  I would definitely recommend this one.

So that's it for March and April!  
What books have you been reading, any recommendations for me!?!?