Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Things Friday!

Hello Lovelies!  I've been a bad blogger lately and I was so excited because I was on a roll there.  The craziest thing is that I think about blogging all the time, I think about what I can blog about, what pictures to take and then it all just never happens.  I'm such a procrastinator! 

Anyway!  Below is my list of the five things I hope to accomplish this weekend!  The weather is going to be chilly and wonderful! : ) 
  1. Have some friends over for dinner tonight!  I'm making Chicken with succotash, brie stuffed mushrooms a la Pioneer Woman, brown rice, and bread pudding for dessert!
  2. Sit outside with a fire in the kiln, I love it when the weather is cool enough to do this.
  3. Organize my 31 stuff (did ya'll know I'm a 31 consultant??) Post on that coming soon with a giveaway no less!
  4. Clean my house up for potential book club on Wednesday (no one has actually finished the book so I don't know whether we'll have it or not)  We're such slackers!!
  5. Paint my nails!  I love to do this on Sunday evening, it's a new color for the work week! I'll post pics!
That's it, what do ya'll have planned for this weekend?  Anything fun?!

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