Thursday, July 12, 2012

June and July Birchbox

Hi Friends!  Sorry I've been absent from the old blog lately, it's been a busy summer!  So busy that I completely missed posting June's Birchbox, yikes!  I figured I'd just do a double birchbox post to catch up though, so here we go.

June's Birchbox.........was okay, really didn't blow my socks off....

Here's the breakdown of the box and what I thought.
~ Modcloth Headband - cute but haven't worn it yet and probably won't wear it often, it's not really my style.  I would have preferred one of the designer ziploc bags that a lot of people got.

~Masqueology Brightening Mask - super excited to try this out!

~ Comodyness Self-Tanning Intensive - okay, I don't know about ya'll but I am so not good with putting a self tanner on with a towlette!  I did not like this product at all, I received two of the towlettes and used one of them and ended up looking like a streaky hot mess!  I had to exfoliate to get it off, I'm just not good at trying to put a clear tanner on with a little wipe becuase I can't see where I've already applied and where I haven't.  Towelettes are not for me!

~theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in Beauty Queen - I've heard good things about this product but I'll be honest, I haven't used it yet.  I'm a little intimidated by the intensity of the color.

~Supergoop SPF 30+ Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body - good stuff!  Used it and like it!

July's Birchbbox..........was Themed and Themed = Awesome!

This was a Glamour inspired box and I was really excited about what I got!

~amika Obliphica Hair Treatment and Nourishing Mask - I've been on a hair product kick lately so anything hair related I'm loving!  I can't wait to try these out!

~Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner - I'm a liquid eyeliner gal so I was psyched to get this and it came in an Olive Green color which will be fun to try out!

~boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++ - I've been hearing so much about the B.B. cream (still not 100% sure what it is exactly) but was excited to give it a try!  I put it on this morning before I put the rest of my makeup on and so far I'm really liking the look it's giving me.  It's given my skin a nice even look and little luminous as well.

~LARABAR uber - I love larabar's and have never tried the uber variety so I'm excited to give this a try and see what I think.

~Harvey Prince Hello perfume - love it!  It reminds me of the Viva la Juicy, which I wear almost every day!

~Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds - so fun and definitely one of those things you can never have enough of!!

The July box was a lot of fun and I love all of the bright colors!!! So tell me, what did you get in your July box, I'm dying to know!!


  1. My birchbox was pretty different! I got a sampler of the Stila eye palette, minteas lime mojito mints, color club pastel polish, Juliette has a gun perfume sample, the headphones, Jouer lip moisturizer, and a shampoo specifically designed for blondes. It's always so fun to see what others got! I am pretty excited for the Stila eye shadow, and I'm already wearing the polish even though I just got the box last night!

  2. My Birchbox was totally different than yours and the commenter above! I got a sample of a facial regimen set, nail polish, shimmer foundation, eau flirt perfume sample, and a hair masque, as well as the little nutty bar and the headphones. Birchbox is so much fun. Have you ever tried I found that sample site as well but wanted an opinion on it before I joined.

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