Sunday, August 30, 2009

I need your opinion!

Hello lovlies! Well my first week in my new job went really well and I think I'm going to end up liking it. It's a really big change from what I was doing before but like I said I think it'll be good for me in the long run!
Okay so on to the more important thing! Here are some pics of our new soon to be kitchen - mud /utility room - and half bath downstairs!!!
What I'd like your opinion on is paint colors!
As you can see from the pictures these people had a serious thing for PINK now I like pink but not enough to have almost every wall in my house pink!
Pink wall in the kithen and you can see the pink mud room and the pink bathroom in this piture too!
There's tile work under the cabinets which will stay (for now)
I love the working surface above! The laminate flooring is going to be replaced with laminate tile, it's really nice looking.
So I was thinking maybe like a brown or some kind of neutral color????
What do ya'll think?
We like the chandelier that's hanging and I was thinking that a brown would go with it, definitely more than pink.....and yes we get to keep the flat screen that hanging on the wall!!! I'll be watching Barefoot Contessa and Paula Deen all the time!! : )
Here are the pics of the utility / mud room, I was thinking if we do the kithen in some browns then I could do this little room in something fun like green or blue or something????

I'm at a total loss for what color the bathroom should be? Maybe a dark gray? Red? I don't know.

And yes even the living room has a pink wall! I'm telling you they are obsessed with PINK!

I was thinking some neutral colors in here too??

Here's the dining and look it's not pink!! I actually like the color that's in here, it's kind of a green/blue color.....

So there's a little mini tour of our soon to be home! We're closing in 4 weeks! aaaahhh!

So the immediate to do list is:

** clean out fridge

** clean out bathroom

**clean out Kitchen

Once I do that then I'll start packing up stuff that I know we won't use until after we get in the house.....

Does anyone have any good suggestions on packing and cleaning???

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend! :)


  1. So fun!

    I cannot believe this house has so much pink it.

    I would do a light mint green in the bathroom (I like lighter color rather than darker for interior rooms). A light blue/grey could be really pretty too.

    I think shades of brown would look great on the walls. Some cafe brown with darker brown accents.

    Check out HGTV's rate my space and see what feels/styles appeal to you.

  2. if you're going with a lot of neutral on the walls, you're going to have to have big splashes of color elsewhere.

    i think the laundry room walls (small rooms) should have bold color.

  3. Wow, thats a lot of pink! :)

    My favorite paint color in our house is a sage green in our dining's called "Grandma's Linen" (from Lowe's) and my 2nd favorite is a brown in our bedrooom called "Milk Chocolate (also from Lowe's).

    Can't wait to see the after pics!!

  4. So funny that that was the shade of pink they picked! I mean, I, too, like pink, but that's a very bright, girly pink to put over every available house surface! If nothing else, they were committed to their color choice, I guess:)

  5. Wow that's a lot of pink! haha I would defintely go with a beige color for everything except for the bathroom and mudroom. Maybe you could do a light blue or light yellow?

    Congrats on the house :)

  6. Ohhh forgot about the bathroom, a light grey would be nice in the bathroom! I could picture that with white linens for a really clean look.

  7. I think maybe BM wheeling neutral would look good. We just got our home painted that colour and i love it.
    Also saybrook sage is a pretty color. What were those people thinking with all that pink? I love grays too with maybe a blue touch or a chocolate brown accent wall.

  8. Congratulations on the house! Those people really do like their pink. I cannot imagine having everyone room in the house pink. I'm not so sure I would want any room that color. I think a neutral brown is a great idea for the kitchen and living room. For the smaller rooms like the laundry and bathroom I would go with a darker and bolder color. Have fun!

  9. wow your house reminds me of pepto bismol...

    I like brown, grey, or deep colors like red or navy blue with a thin white trim. I also love your idea of using a bring color for the smaller room!

  10. Wow, flashbacks to a house we had growing up! Pink everything. Including the grout in the tile in the kitchen and the laminate countertops!

    Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  11. All of your ideas sound great. Most of the rooms in my house are brown, green or blue! My absolute favorite is a Behr paint color from Home Depot, it's a brownish/greyish shade, called Garden Wall. It's gorgeous and makes my living room feel SUPER homey! I love the paint swatch, but the color looks even better on the walls than I could have imagined!

  12. Congrats on your new home! It looks lovely!

    I personally love neutral walls because you can add colors with accessories and you won't get tired of the color as quickly.

  13. That is A LOT of pink! Congrats on the new house... I love brown and blue/teal/green combinations, that is our bedroom colors. Good luck and I can't wait to see the finished products. O and I agree with Newlywed, definitely check out HGTV's rate my space.

  14. wow, those people do love pink! i love pink as well, but not for home decor..unless it is a little girl's room! however, i know you will take these pink rooms and transform them into something gorgeous!!

  15. wow they did like pink!

    I love red and yellow myself

  16. that is waytomuch pink!

    the house looks really nice though! i think browns would be great in it. they go with everything!

  17. After 2 years of trying to nail down paint colors I hired an interior decorator at $50/hour to come to the house and tell me what colors to use. The best part: it only took $50 for her to tell me what color to paint every room in the house! You should try finding someone in your area. I emailed her pics of all our bedding, dishes, ect. before hand.

  18. think thy just had a bunch of extra paint sitting around? I am a fan of the Sandra Lee kitchen on Food network..all off white but you can change the look all the time with different accessories. Congrats on the new place and cant wait to see what you go with! = )

  19. HELLO PINK!!! I would suggest Sherwin Williams "Latte". It's what we had put in our house and it's the perfect neutral in my opinion :)

    Oh, and for packing. Act like you're OCD and label *everything*. Oh, and don't forget to pack an actual suitcase for the first few nights with the essentials like towels, toilet paper (one of the biggest mistakes of my life was forgetting TP!), toothbrush, etc).

    Yay! This is so exciting!!

  20. Wow, it look amazing!! (even with the pink!). There are so many gorgeous neutrals out there. Also, I bought about 7 tester cans and painted swatches, so I could see what the color looked like on the wall and in different lights throughout the day!

    Your home looks incredible though!!

  21. That was a very understanding husband who let his wife paint the whole house pink! Turn on HGTV for ideas- that's what I do!

  22. They did love pink and all the shades close to it! Congrats on your new home ... it will be beautiful with a little neutral color added!