Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Bit Crafty

Happy Monday everyone! I went on a little blogging vacation and now I'm back! Just a quickie post to show what I made my nephew Colby for his 1st Birthday a few weeks ago! It's a little plaque or it can be a door hanger for his room. My inspiration was a very similar looking design on Etsy and I thought it was so cute and also that it was something I could probably do as well. My only problem was the letters! I hand painted them and I think in future I'll get some paint pens to make the letters look better.

Has anyone done anything crafty lately? I just love looking through blogs and seeing what people are making!!!

A blog that I found a little while ago and is now on my blog roll to the left is Tater Tots and Jello and she is awesome!!!! I love her weekend wrap up party!


  1. I haven't done anything crafty lately, but I actually might start working on some projects today. I consider myself a creative person in most aspects, but I just never have the confidence to follow through with an idea. I am trying to change my ways :)

  2. Too cute! No, with all of the packing I can't really buy any crafting materials (boo!)

  3. Too cute! I just did a post about some crafty things I did over the summer!

  4. I went on a blogging sabbatical! I love it - can't believe you made it. Glad that we are both back :)