Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Week in Pictures

Hello Friends!  I've been enjoying my new Nikon and thought I'd share my week in pictures.  Enjoy!

Happy New Year!
Pioneer Woman's Carrot and Squash Curry Soup! YUM!
I joined a Book Club!!  This is what we're currently reading!
This was a belated Christmas present for Hubby.  The poor guy came in a million pieces and Hubby glued him back together agent!
Playing with my new camera!
This is MY NOOK!  Doesn't it look cozy and in desperate need of a makeover, this is on my 2011 Goals!
The surprise snow we got on Friday night!
The last of the Christmas decorations that came down this weekend!
I just love the glitter that's on this poinsettia!
Our cozy breakfast nook, although I have to admit that Christmas lights make anything look cozy! : )
Have a FABULOUS week friends!


  1. I need a new camera. Probably won't be on the list for a while though. SIGH.
    We're suppose to get snow tonight!

  2. The snow picture is beautiful. I love your little chalk board :) I want something like that for our kitchen.

  3. Your house looks so darling in the snow!!!
    I love having twinkle lights up all holiday long, and soooo wish they were a permanent thing in our house. It just looks so pretty.

  4. i love your picture at the front of the mirror.very nice.
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  5. cute! how did you find a book club?

  6. Ooh, I love your little nook! How fun will decorating that be?! And the picture of the snow is so pretty. All our snow here in Nebraska is icky, brown, & slushy now. Sads. Enjoy your new camera!