Thursday, October 2, 2008


Lady at the Church where I'm getting married: Hi, we're planning on opening the Church up 1/2 hour before rehearsal and then 2 hours before ceremony, let us know if those times don't work for you.

Me: Great! The 1/2 hour works for the rehearsal but can I get in 2 1/2 hours before the see, I'm doing my makeup and getting dressed at the Church and it would make things a lot easier for me. Also, can I come by maybe before the rehearsal and drop of my dress?

Lady at the Church: Nope, can't drop off the dress, have to bring it with you on the day of the wedding.

Me: oh okay, well what about getting in 2 1/2 hours before the ceremony?

Lady at the Church: Nope can't do that either, the custodian won't be there until 2 hours before the ceremony.

Me: So why did you tell me to let you know if I needed you to change the times!?

Lady at the Church: Because I felt like it.

Me: Well is there any way I could come by and get a key to get in earlier since I REALLY don't want to feel stressed about time on my wedding day!!!!!

Lady at the Church: Nope can't do that, the custodian said he'd try to do his best to be there 2 1/2 hours though.

Me: Right, I'm sure since you just told me he won't be there until 2 hours before, he's really going to try hard to be there an extra 30 minutes early! Seriously, why can't you just let me have a key to get in early?

Lady at the Church: Because you look like a psycho who'll burn the Church down.

Me: Great! Now I know why my parents forked out $425 for the Church.

Lady at the Church: Yes, we are very accommodating.

I might have embellished a little bit of that, but you get the jist of how it went! Am I being unreasonable asking for a measly 30 extra minutes???


  1. oh, girl. we went through the same thing. paid $1000 for the chapel. we got it for 4 TOTAL hours. that included set up, decorating, ceremony, and clean up. so i showed up to get dressed and i was early, but i wanted to wing it. the doors were locked. my hair was done and i was standing there with my bridesmaids in my veil. someone finally came to the door after my bridesmaid nearly beat the door down. he said, "may i help you?"

    um... yes, you may. can't you see that i'm wearing a full length veil. not because i felt like it, but because i'm getting married in here in two hours. let me in!

    he says, "did you reserve the chapel for today?"


    i've seriously never been so irritated!

  2. I couldn't get dressed at the church either and the priest wanted to start the wedding without my dad (who was late because of my stepmother and lets not go there).

  3. Isn't it nice that people at churches are so accomodating sometimes?? I mean, really its 30 minutes people! It might not mean much to them, but it could mean a lot to you!

  4. I'm getting all worked up just by reading this... It really is too bad that people have to be so R-U-D-E!

  5. come on over, i left a little something for you on my blog!

    :) - preppy little dress

  6. come on over, i left a little something for you on my blog!

    :) - preppy little dress

  7. You are so not being unreasonable! I mean, 30 minutes??? You know, all she had to say was "You know, I'll call and ask him for you!" And you know what?? I bet if she bothered to, he would say "Okay".

    Sorry you're having this irritation.

  8. Rude? Yes! Solution? Offer to pay the custodian for the extra time...maybe you could even squeeze an hour extra out of him for it.

  9. that's really funny. i love that you embellished the conversation--definitely the way I talk too. good luck with everything though!