Thursday, May 13, 2010

HELP! I need your ideas!

Hi everyone! So I'm gonna get right to it, I'm an Aunt again! To a beautiful baby boy named Gabriel, that's number 8 in case you were wondering! We didn't throw a baby shower for the new mommy b/c there was a lot going on and it just got away from us. But now that the little guy is here my mom and I want to throw a "Meet Gabriel" party! Very small, just for my SIL's and grandparents.

***Here's where I need your help***

We want to do a nautical theme and I need decorating ideas, menu ideas, anything cute!!! I've looked and found a few things but I need my bloggy friends expertise on this one. Let me know if you've seen a blog or website that has some cute ideas!! Thank ya'll so much!!! xxx


  1. You could do little mini foods (since he is a baby), like mini crab cakes, and have a lot of seafood, like shrimp cocktail. I remember our country club had a nautical themed benefit, and they bought net, like fishing net, and draped it over the tables that they were serving the food on. It was a cute touch, and I'm sure not super expensive!
    I think they also went crazy with the blue and white motif - napkins, silverware, etc. everything was either white or blue (usually alternating at place settings!).
    Good luck and take pictures! :)

  2. oh my gosh Allison! Great idea on the mini seafood idea!! I had not thought of that at all! But that would be super cute! And thanks fo the other ideas too!!! ; )

    I promise to take pics!

  3. I had a friend who had a nautical themed wedding....use some type of sea grass in the centerpieces and use real fishing hooks to hang your party banner on fishing line?

  4. Check out this place. I saw it today and reminded me of your post...