Friday, September 23, 2011

5 Things Friday: Fall Edition

Hi Friends!  I'm bringing back 5 Things Friday.  When I first started my blog and was deep into the wedding planning I did a 5 Things Friday to try and keep me on track and it actually really helped.  Now I'd like to pick that up again with things I need to get done over the weekend.  So here we go!

  1. Put outside Halloween decorations up!  I'm all about my Halloween decs! : )
  2. Laundry - I know, boring, but if I don't put it on here it might "fall" through the cracks, get it, Fall, sorry....
  3. Movies with Hubby - Really want to go and see Contagion, looks like a good one.
  4. Need a few new Fall wardrobe pieces.  I'll be checking at Target, Ann Taylor Loft, and New York & Company.
  5. I got a huge can of Pumpkin puree and I need to make something with it!  I just don't know if I should make pumpkin bread or something a little more adventerous!  What do you think???  Any suggestions!?
Have a lovely Fall weekend ya'll!!!  : )

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