Monday, May 7, 2012

domino's back?

Okay I think you all know that I have an addiction to magazines and I can tell you that one of them was the domino magazine a few years ago.  domino was a home decorating magazine geared for people in their 20's and 30's and I loved it, but of course I got on the band wagaon a little late because a month or two later they pulled the magazine off the newsstands.  It was really sad : (

Well JR and I were in Home Depot on Friday night doing a little plant buying and when we were walking out the door, what do you think I saw? 

All I could think was WHAT?!?  I didn't get a long look because we were leaving but I was excited at the prospect of my favorite decorating magazine coming back to the newsstands ya'll!

So I went online and got dissapointed all over again.....
1) This magazine is a special edition, they're not coming back full time
2) It's $10.99, I'm sorry did you just say $10.99? 
 I think I could buy a years subscription for that! 
3) Apparently it's got some old material from their other magazines in it mixed with some new material : (

Total letdown, but on a brighter note, I'm making a dent in my magazine mountain and will soon be able to start buying new ones again.....or maybe I'll just feed my new addictions and buy nail polish and makeup!

Happy Monday ya'll!


  1. Bummer...totally would've been awesome if that mag had come back! They always had such cute ideas!

  2. That's too bad- I saw it recently and was wondering myself! I saw that price tag and decided to skip it. Maybe they are trying to see if there is interest?

  3. Let us know when you want to feed your makeup addictions and we will go with you! :-) We promise to be bad influences!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings