Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday friends!  Wow, what a week!  Is it just me or should Tuesday really have been Friday!?!?  Linking up to ErikaAndrea and Narci to share my favorites from this week!

Let's get started with the obvious....

Valentines Day
 Definitely a favorite this week!  
John had so much fun at his class Friendship party! #allthelove

Just a little Elton John inspired Snapchat Valentine

All of his valentine's loot

I loved doing this for him!  Andrea shared this idea on her blog and I started doing it as well.  Definitely a tradition that I will continue to do every year!

was not a favorite.  But this coffee cup got me through.

Warm Weather!
OMG - it's been so up and down where I live in Virginia.  One day it's in the 70's and then next the low is in the 20's.  But let me tell you when it was warm you better believe we were soaking it up as much as we possibly could!

This is a trail right beside my office at work and when it's warm I walk the river at lunch.  It's great!

We took advantage of the amazing weather on Sunday and headed down to my parents house at the river after Church.

As you can see we were very happy about the warm weather!

DIY Necklace, big flowy cardigans, Lauren Condrad Cords, and Tom's wedges are my favorite this week!

I got these flowers from Aldi's the day after Valentines for $1.99!!!  
Can you believe they were only $1.99??? 
I was so excited, nothing beats a lovely bouquet of flowers on your bedside table....and for $1.99 - what a steal!

Trying to eat more salads and so far I'm loving them!  
So easy for a quick weeknight dinner.

Love this little Hulk!
Funny story I have to share - after I took this picture he took off the mask and hands and was trying to take off the shirt but it got stuck over his head.  I asked him if he needed help and he said no he could do it himself.
After trying to take it off with no success I went over and pulled on one of the sleeves to get him free and he exclaimed, "ugh, why did you do that!?  You ruined my life!!!"
I mean I had to slap the magazine I was reading over my face to keep from laughing out loud!  I ruined his life at 3 years old!!!
Heaven only knows what I'm going to do when he's 13?!?!

But then he looks like this when he falls asleep and it's just the sweetest thing ever!

Happy weekend friends!!!!


  1. Intrigued by your DIY necklace...can you provide a link to your inspiration? Thanks!