Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life Lately

Happy Tuesday Friends!
Thought I would share some of what been going on in our world lately. 😃

When you run out of ideas for what to give your toddler for lunch, go with the ice cube tray.  It's a great way for your little one to try a variety of things.

 Following his daddy while coaching a soccer game. #bless #allthehearts

 Nothing like a good game of Pie Face.  He loves this game, mainly because he gets to eat the whipped cream!

 Bowling, he's crazy about bowling!  His 4th birthday is coming up in April and we're planning a bowling party, he's so excited!


Okay, cuteness overload ya'll!  His pre-school does bunny pictures every year with REAL bunnies!!! I mean these poor little critters, but how cute is this?!?!

 And last, I had to make this delicious popcorn chex mix that Jessica has shared on her blog many times.  It's even better than I thought it would be! Yum!

That's it ya'll.  We're in the middle of birthday party season and have already been to two and have two more lined up.  I'll share my go to present for 4 year olds later this week!

Question for you - do you have a go to present for little ones around this age?

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