Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites! | Birthday Gift Addition

Woohoo it's Friday!

 I wanted to share some of my favorite birthday gifts ideas with you today.

We are well into birthday season over here for John's friends and it can be tricky to buy for a number of different 4 year old's.  Their little personalities are developing so fast at this age that they could be into any number of things.  I find that games are an easy universal go to and can work for both girls and boys.

Little Ones
So my go to gift is Yeti in My Spaghetti - fun, easy, the kids love it and bonus - it won't break the bank!
John actually doesn't have this game but he will be getting it for either his birthday or Easter.

The cheapest place I've found to purchase it is actually on Amazon.  It's less than $11 - I mean what a steal!
I always like to throw a little something in with it, usually a small transformer or doll or even a book.

This ends up being a less than $20 gift that the kids love!

Family Members
I love gifting these throws with special pictures on them! is awesome, they always have good sales and they are quality products with super fast shipping and great customer service!

I'm actually ordering one of these blankets for my mom's birthday in April with a picture of the wild horses in North Carolina's Outer Banks.  My mom loves them!

The Hubby
John's birthday is at the end of March so I've been brainstorming what to get him.  
Why are men so hard to shop for?

I end up getting him a couple of things....
1. Something he's asked for
Like this hoodie

2. Something sentimental
I'm getting him a canvas print of little man and I (which he also asked for)
You can get a 24 x36 canvas for less than $40!  
I got him one for Christmas and it was great!

3. An experience
This can be tickets to a concert or in our case, taking him to dinner.
Haven't finalized this one yet but will probably end up going to one of our favorite places, The Boathouse.
It has everything, amazing food, atmosphere and it's close to home!
So there you have it!  Some of my go-to's for gift giving!  I hope you got a little inspiration out of them.

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