Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello and thanks!!!

I'm feeling much better after reading all of your sweet comments! I'm just on a roller coaster ride right now! I'm talking to all of the vendors everyday getting it all squared away! And one minutes I'm feeling good and then the next minute I'm feeling stressed....oh well it'll all be over in less than 17 days!!!!

My bridal shower went GREAT!! I've got pics that I'm going to post asap! I got some great stuff! All of my everyday china! Some great entertaining pieces! My flatware! My Kate Spade flutes for the wedding! And my sweet mama outdid herself....again!!! She made me a recipe book with my new name on it and put all of our family recipes in there!!! Then she made my garter with tartan ribbon of course!!! Then she bought me some Barefoot Contessa dvd's and finally she got me a gift certificate to Victoria Secret to go and get my wedding night outfit and she threw in some cute bridal panties!!! Seriously she has spoiled me to death!!!

Then on Sunday we went to The Pottery in Williamsburg and got my portrait framed! Which was a load off my mind!

And finally I decided on my bridesmaids final gift........................................I'm getting them one of these...............Personalized LUGGAGE TAGS!!! And I found them on Etsy! I decided on luggage tags because all of my bridesmaids are traveling in the next month or so!

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  1. Hello! Those luggage tags are adorable! I wish I had used Etsy when I was married!

    Have a great day!

  2. I think the luggage tags are really cute!! And very thoughtful!

    Glad to hear you're handling the pressure a little better. Hang in there!

    Your shower sounds like it was a lot of fun! And, do you think I could invite your mom to mine?? ;-)

  3. I love the luggage tags you chose for your bridesmaids! They are so cute!

  4. Great idea on the luggage tags! Those are adorable! The girls will really like them.