Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Honeymoon - Part I

On the plane and very happy and excited to be heading to the Bahamas!!

View of the Bahamas from the plane!

Beautiful blue skies and palm trees....I'm lovin it!

Hubby enjoying the resort pool!
One of the swim up bars and hot tub!
Having dinner at the of the resturants at the resort

Me after 1 - 2...okay maybe I'm on my third voddie tonic in this picture! I'm very content at this point : )
All in all a pretty good first honeymoon day!

Man oh man I wish I was back there now!!


  1. I just found your blog via a comment you left on another blog...and how funny - our profile pics are so similar!

    We just finally booked our honeymoon for Jan 2009 (we got married in June 2008)...and I cant wait to go lay on the beach and do nothing!

  2. Wow!!! It looks like paradise!!!

  3. am so jealous and CAN"T WAIT for our honeymoon! great pics!

  4. That looks lovely!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. That looks great!! Now I am totally ready for our honeymoon... forget the whole "wedding" thing!

  6. I came across your blog randomly. I need a vacation && from the looks of your pictures you had an amazing one :)

  7. These are beautiful pics! Looks like a great honeymoon destination!

  8. Oh, I'm glad we weren't the only ones who took pics of ourselves on the plane going to our honeymoon!!! :-)
    The Bahamas looks awesome!! I've always wanted to go there - maybe next time you can go to Cabo and we'll go to the Bahamas!! ;-)

    Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving. I'm sure the mountains were gorgeous!