Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 things about little ol me!

Hi friends, so sorry to keep going MIA on you but I'm having some serious writers block right now and can't think of anything to post about.....although I have to say that my little neice did love her tutu but I didn't get any pictures of her in it because she got a little overwhelmed with all the presents and what was going on, Bless her heart......

Okay I was tagged by a couple of people on Facebook and the newly engaged Jessica to list 25 random facts about myself........so here it goes.

1. I have never broken a bone, ever. (Knock on wood)

2. I had invisalign last year and I'm so glad I did it. I love how straight my teeth are now and can't believe how crooked they actually were.

3. My husband is from Scotland and his whole family lives in Europe, I'm so sad that I have to go over and visit them all the time : )

4. I'm a homebody, I'd pick staying home on the couch over going out any day!

5. I've had glasses/contacts since I was in fourth grade.

6. When I was little I used to LOVE getting cavities because that meant I got to get the "laughing gas"!

7. I lived in an apartment by myself for my junior and senior year in college and I absolutely loved it!

8. I'm the only girl out of five siblings, yup four brothers and me.

9. I got to go to Hawaii for my senior spring break in college. It was the farthest I'd ever been from home at that point.

10. I love to cook.

11. I hope to start my own business one day.

12. I want to have at least two children.

13. Twins run in my family and I have a good chance of having them.

14. If I had to pick another era to live in I would choose to live in Jane Austen's time. I'm obsessed with that time period and love watching movies about that era!

15. I've never had any eating disorders but people thought I did.

16. I had a stranger sing to me in the middle of Target. I was flattered.

17. A guy in one of my classes in college took out a gun and pointed it at the professor, I've never been so scared in my life and all I could think is how do I get out of here. It turned out to be a fake and the guy got kicked out of the university for it.

18. I had people try to break into my aparment in college twice, while I was there. They never got in. I got mace after that.

19. My nickname in my family is Sissy.

20. I made up my three older brothers nicknames when I was really little.....Chris=Dolly, Kevin=Keky, Jeremiah=miney (pronounced my-ney)....when my little brother came along he was given the nickname Dude.

21. Ever seen Little Women? You know how the girls called their mother "Marmy" yeah well my brothers all call my mama "Moy" no idea why and they call my daddy "Dede" I am the only one who calls them Mama and Daddy.

22. I'm left handed and so are my little brother and my older brother.

23. I can't dance, at all, I look like Ramona on the Real Housewives of NY, yeah that bad.

24. I have no credit card debt.

25. I hate the gym, I've never been able to get into a routine of going, it always lasts a week or two and then I lose interest.


  1. What a fun post! Loved learning more about you!

    I can totally relate to family overseas - my hubs whole family lives in South Africa!

  2. This is so fun! Oh, I'm glad you said that about the invisalign...I have a few teeth that are a little crooked, so I've definitely been considering that! I'm glad it worked so well for you :)
    And I would be terrified if anyone ever pulled out a gun - real or fake in the middle of class! That's crazy!
    Have a great rest of your week :)

  3. Fun post! That's awesome that your husband is from Scotland and you have a great excuse to travel!

  4. so fun! no credit card debt? WOW! pat yourself on the back!

  5. Bravo for no credit card debt!!!! I hate the gym too but I have to go!! Uggh I am dreading when 4pm rolls around.

  6. We have so many of these in common, it is ridiculous! The Ramona dancing thing CRACKS ME UP! That is hillarious!

  7. My parents call me sissy too!

  8. Super jealous about #7- roommates are definitely overrated!

  9. Um but after rereading #18...maybe not!

  10. Hello! I recently found your blog and love it! I am finishing up with invisalign right now and can't wait to see the end result... only 5 more weeks!

    Have a good evening!

  11. So fun. Nice learning more about you! I also want two kids, and have never broken a bone!