Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Woohoo! What southern girl, or any girl for that matter, doesn't love a good purse!!!! The sweet Ashley over at Drew and Ashley tagged me for this!! Thanks Ashley!

Here are the rules.....
*Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. You CANNOT sneak into your closet and pull out some cute little things - we want to know the purse you last carried. No cheating!

*List how much it cost - this is not to judge but for entertainment only. If there is a fabulous story to go along with your fabulous purse, let us hear it!

*Tag some lucky ladies to participate and then link back to this post.
So here's my's from H&M and I paid $19.99 for it! I also have it in white that I use in the spring/summer......

And I've seen some lovely ladies take it one step further and show what's inside their purse so I thought I'd share as well because I don't know about ya'll but I'm nosy like that!

So that's my planner, list maker, wallet from Target, vera checkbook cover and vera makeup bag, cell phone, sunglasses, gloves, anti-bac in apple, up top is my starbucks gift card, nail file, lip glosses that I couldn't fit in my makeup bag, and lastly my mase that I've had since college...a girl can never be too careful.....

And in my makeup bag is my emergency glasses and contact case, clinique powder, lipgloss, lipstick, smashbox lipgloss, benefit lipstick, rimmell lipstick, revlon lipgloss, lipsmackers lipgloss, two sample perfumes, can't remember what they are...

Okay I'm tagging the following gals!!!!

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  1. 0Thank you!!! What a fun game. I will do this, I promise. I'm packing right now (as you tell I'm doing a stand up job at it hah!). Thank you for thinking of me. xx, Nina

  2. This is such a fun game, I can't wait to see what everyone else posts! Your makeup bag is so cute!

  3. Fun post!! And whenever you want to meet up let me know! :)

  4. funfunfunnnn!! i am on my way to take pictures NOW!! and as for the A.I. bug...maybe you will get into it after they have narrowed it down. Sometimes I don't pay attention until there is few enough people that I can remember their names!

  5. That was super fun!!
    I am nosy like that too!!

  6. Fun! I carry that same little notebook around with me. I am constantly making lists.

  7. We have the same wallet and list book! Mine is technically my food diary, but that gets depressing so I just write lists in it instead:) haha

  8. I left you something on my blog :)

  9. Lipgloss/stick city! I'm enjoying "peeking" into everyone's bags so much! I can't determine if that's plain ol' curiosity or creepiness, ha!

  10. I read redeeming love a few years ago. What an interesting take on the biblical story. Francine rivers is a very talented author. What do you think of her?

  11. I have been reading via google reader, so I haven't actually visited your page lately, but I just did and had to say that I LOVE your header! The picture is so awesome! =) (and I am getting my tagged post up, I promise!)

  12. You didn't tag me for this, but I'm totally doing it anyway! I love seeing what others carry with them...

  13. so fun! i love how many lipsticks/glosses that you carry! hahaha!