Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm officially white trash!

Co-worker: Did you do your hair differently?
Me: No?
Co-worker: Are you sure it looks different?
Me: Nope I fixed it the same way I always do.
Co-worker: You're usually more blond, aren't you?
Me: Oh, that would be my roots growing out, thanks for noticing haha! (mortified)
Co-worker: oh well it doesn't look bad.

Oh my gosh ya'll this literally just happened, you know you're white trash when you let your roots grow out to the point that people are making comments on it! Excuse me while I go and make a hair appointment!

p.s. this was a male co-worker!!!


  1. It had to be a it or look at latest styles...long darker roots is in this season...check out SJP she just had her hair colored darker and roots are darker than ends.

  2. I bet that male co-work is single.

    In college, my husband's frat bothers use to say to a very mean girl...beth, you have such lovely blond hair. Why do you dye your roots black?

  3. that "boy" doesnt know what he is talking about.. and i agree with the above poster, i bet he is single! : )

  4. Men - pfftt - what do they know!!

  5. UGH! The NERVE! I can't wait, I'm getting my hairs did on VD! YAY!

  6. AHH!I love "bet that male co-worker is single!"
    You are GORGEOUS!

  7. Thanks girls!! Ya'll made me feel a lot better!
    (I'm still going to get my hair done though) ; )

  8. My hair looks terrible right now too! I'm so broke and the dress I just bought was so worth it. I'll do my hair the next pay check :)

  9. What a jerk to say that! But hey, it's a great excuse to get your hair done! I bet you look beautiful no matter what that guy said! I also love that "bet he's single" comment! LOL!

  10. I've never understood why some people in this world just feel compelled to comment on root growth. They act like we can't see our own hair in the mirror! Maybe we can just chock it up to him being a man and not knowing any better :)

  11. Don't feel bad! I am in serious need of a highlight!!!! Men just don't understand! You should throw something heavy at him! :)