Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mid Week - Weekend Recap

Mother's Day at the Rivah was great!!! The weather couldn't have been more perfect as you can see by my nephew's and neice in the water! : )

I wanted to share some photos of my mom and dad's new place....they just moved in last week and very beach inspired! I love it!!
This is the kitchen, my favorite room in the place!

Here is the living room, the balcony looks out at the river and bay.

Hall bathroom.

Window in the master bedroom

My mama's little office nook, very cute!

French doors leading out of the office nook.

Dining area

Hall bathroom, I just love the blue, cream, and brown combo!

Looking out from the kitchen.

One more view of my favorite room.....

My little brother and his very ill-behaved lab, Charlie : )

Me and my family hanging out in the garage below my parents new abode....that's what a lot of southerners like to do when it's hot out....they sit in their garage with their friends and eat crab chips out of a red solo cup.....oh wait that's just me! ; ) Speaking of me.....I'm sporting my new maxi dress from Tar-jay!! I love it but unfortunately I read the reviews of it online and it shrinks something terrible when washed, I might try hand washing it......
Hope everyone else had a great weekend and I know I have been given some awards by some sweet blogging friends and I promise that's my next post, major catch up going on here!! : )


  1. HOw cute is there new place! I love it!

  2. adorable photos! that's hilarious i am in the "north" and all my southern friends from where i went to boarding school in virgina use the term "rivah" - too funny, our school was along the "rivah" as they say it! love it!!

  3. wow i just love your parents' house! especially those cabinets!!

  4. I love your parents house! I especially love the windows in the master bedroom! Your dress is cute too. :)

  5. i love the house! The window in the master bedroom, and the kitchen especially!

  6. I love their new house! Its so light and airy.

  7. I love their new house! Cute dress too!

  8. Wow, looks great. & so relaxing! I love the white color scheme - definitely my style. Looks like you had lots of fun!

  9. that space is gorgeous! It just looks relaxing!

  10. That looks like a beautiful place to spend Mother's Day, and what a fab new house.

  11. LOVE that kitchen! The whole place is gorgeous!! oh & very cute dress!

  12. Dear Sarah! Your parents moved into a beautiful place, and I love the "garage meeting" picture :-) I'm so sorry for the late answer, but I'm dealing with serious internet and computer problems here, hopefully things will be back to normal in a couple of days...Thanks so much for your sweet comments, and have a wonderful Sunday, much love: Evi

  13. i have that same dress and haven't had any problems washing it as long as it's washing in cold water and hung to dry! good luck!