Friday, May 22, 2009

Way overdo Awards catch up....

I apologize to my sweet bloggy friends who gave out these awards and it's taken me SSOOO long to post about! Sorry girls, I'll try to be better next time! ; )
The first award Cristina at Another Day in Paradise gave to all of her followers (which I happen to be one of them) and she said she would be checking to see if we posted about it so here you go!! : ) haha Love your blog Cristina and thanks for the award!

Okay I'm supposed to list 5 things that I think are sexy:

1) My hubby 2) Convertibles 3) Tans 4) Tropical Islands 5) Manners


The second award was given to me by the sweet Miss Un-Bride at Chronicles of an Unconventional Bride....go check her out and see why she's unconventional! :)

She has the cutest blog about her upcoming wedding and I love seeing all the great details unfold!

Now for this one I'm supposed to list 10 things that are un-cute about myself : (

1) I rarely ever answer my phone, I hate talking on the phone! 2) I have bad breath 3) I was a bed wetter when I was a kid 4) I have a bad temper, you don't want to cross me when I'm in a foul mood 5) My armpits are faucets 6) I have a phobia of public speaking 7) I get really really splotchy red on my chest and neck when I get nervous, mad, happy, etc. 8) Sometimes I get road rage 9) I tend to be a little on the jealous side 10) I have a hard time letting things go

Wow now I just feel bad listing all that un-cute stuff about me, shouldn't I feel better for getting all that off my chest??? oh well! I tag any of my sweet bloggy friends who haven't been tagged yet and would like to play along! : )


Please note that my one year blog anniversary is coming up May 29th and I might be planning an awesome giveaway....I'm just saying you might want to check back because I might be collecting some seriously awsome stuff....I'm just saying maybe ; )

All you sweet people out there have a safe and wonderful Memorial Weekend!!!!


  1. my armpits are faucets too! it really is no fun. what do you do????


  2. Okay, I absolutely hate talking on the phone as well. Texting all the way for me! Have a great weekend!

  3. I never answer my phone either. I'm not a fan of talking on the phone. I wonder how I got through my teen years?

  4. Oh i see you're a newly wed. You might be interested in my giveaway i'm hosting. It's amazing! You have a cute blog.

  5. You're very didn't mean to threaten you - I am harmless, I promise! I love your blog :)