Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Son's Birth Story - Part I

My husband was determined that I would deliver our son before his due date, which happened to be April 5th.  I really think he secretly hoped he would arrive on his birthday which is March 28th, but our little guy had other plans.  March 28th came and went and no baby.  Then April 1st came and went and no April Fools baby, which we thought would be pretty funny.  Along came April 2nd and my Mother and Father-In-Law arrived from Scotland to meet their first grandchild but he wasn't here yet.  So we waited and my due date came and went, talk about being ready for this boy to be here!  On a funny side note, it was actually pretty amusing to go out to eat and have the waitress ask me when I was due and reply today and see the look of shock and terror on their face.  It was the only satisfaction I could get at that point.  I really enjoyed it when people asked me when I was due and I could say yesterday, two days ago, and so on.  It definitely was not the answer they expected to hear. 

I had an appointment scheduled on my due date and the doctor said I was dilated 1 cm and 70% effaced, great except I had been that way for about two weeks.  The doctor told me they would need to check me again on Monday as my due date fell on a Friday.  Sadly, not the news I wanted to hear.  I kept asking about getting induced but was told, that is something they don't want to do until I'm 41 weeks.  Uh, what?!  No freaking way am I going to keep this baby inside me for another whole week! 

So over the weekend I noticed some leakage, not my water breaking but rather just an extra wetness down there (sorry tmi) but I didn't really think too much of it because I figured if it was my water then I would be seeing more of it.  So I went on with my weekend, going for walks, eating spicy food, anything I could think of to start labor.  But it was all to no end.

Monday rolled around and I packed my car with all of my hospital stuff, just in case.  And headed to my doctor appointment, alone.  My husband went off to work and my in-laws stayed home.  They wanted to come with me but I insisted that was a waste of their time because I was sure it was going to be the same story as Friday.  I didn't feel any different and I didn't want them to have to wait in the waiting room for however long it would take to check me out and send me home again.  Little did I know that wouldn't be the case.....!