Thursday, December 11, 2008

Candy Cane ?'s....random facts.....and sick....again

ugh! I'm sick for the second time in the past two and a half months! It seems like everyone is sick and it just keeps going around. I've been on my couch for the past two days and finally dragged myself back to work today but still am not feeling super.

I was tagged by the sweet Meghan over at Believe in Meg to answer the following questions.....

Candy Cane Questions
1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie? I have a number of favorite holiday movies but if I had to choose just one I'd have to say it's Home Alone
2. Favorite Christmas Song? 'O Holy Night' and 'I want a Hippopotamus'
3. Favorite Holiday Memory? the wonderment I felt as a child about Santa and Christmas and spending time with my family
4. What kind of cookie/treat do you like to make? Holiday Bark
5. Have you ever made an igloo? No, I live in the south, we barely get snow
6. Do you love Starbucks? Gingerbread Latte or Eggnog Latte? I'd have to go with Gingerbread latte
7. What makes the perfect Snowman?carrots, buttons, sticks,
8. Best gift you have ever given? I had some really old pictures of my late grandfather restored and blown up and gave them to my mom and aunts and grandma, they all really loved it.
9. Best gift you have ever received? I can't really think of a specific gift that stands out the best
10. What is the snowman's name on Rudolph? No idea
11.Silver or Gold? Right now, I'd say Gold
12. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? The star on top of my Christmas tree
13. What's your Christmas decorating style? collective of all the decorations I've recieved over the years.
14. Do you hang stockings? Yes!
15. How many days do you celebrate Christmas? 3 - my family, my dad's family, my mom's family and I guess it will actually be 4 because I'll have hubby and me this year
16. What do you want this year? brown boots
17. What was your favorite ornament on the tree as a child? My rocking horse ornament that was given to my parents when I was born
My question:
18. favorite food you eat on Christmas day? I love my Granny's mashed potatoes the best

I am tagging--
Amber at Daisy Chain
Jenna at That Bride
Nina at Nina knows Best

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Rachel at Girl Learning along the Way tagged me to list 6 random facts about myself...

1. I love liver....I know disgusting, but I do, I love liver and onions, I love liver patte, liver anything.
2. I'm 6' tall when I wear 3 inch heels
3. I hate talking on the telephone, hate it, hate it, hate it....I don't know why. But when I do talk on the phone I pace a lot! I'm talking laps around the house!
4. I have four brothers and we were also a foster family from the time I was 6 until I was 15 and had anywhere from 1 newborn to 3 babies/children in our house constantly.
5. I was engaged for over two years and didn't actually start planning my wedding until about a year in and didn't start trying on wedding dresses until then either.
6. I get what's called "Emotional blushing" whenever I feel an extreme emotion, happiness, nervousness, anger, etc. I'll get really splotchy on my neck and arms or if I drink I'll get it too, 1 beer or 1 glass of wine will do it.

I tag anyone who wants to list some random facts about themselves!!


  1. Awww thank you for tagging me! I hope to get to these tonight... I'm dying to fill in the blanks & post. I've been putting it off until I have all my design orders caught up. Thanks again - I love your blog!! xoxo

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you are sick! Take care and thank you for sharing that amazing Christmas Bark recipe!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I get that blushing thing too! That's awesome you guys were a Foster Family -- my Husband's family was too. Such a great thing!