Friday, January 27, 2017

Five on Friday and Favorites!

Happy Friday!!  I'm linking up to  ErikaAndrea and Narci for some Friday Favorites!

one // I made Andrea's monster cookies the other week for John and they were a hit!  So easy to make as well, the only ingredient I didn't have on hand were the m&m's but I threw a bunch of sprinkles on top and no one was the wiser. 😉

two // I shared the cutest little valentine project yesterday.  Go check it out if you're looking for an easy adorable idea for valentine's day.

three // Keeping a clean kitchen!  Disclaimer: I don't normally clean my kitchen at night before I got to bed, i know it's awful.  But since the new year I've been trying to clean it up after dinner and either wash the dishes and put them away or at least put everything in the dishwasher, wipe the counters down and have the coffee ready to go for the morning and ya'll, wow it has been making a huge difference.  i love it! I just feel better knowing it's clean.  Now I just need to start packing my lunch up at night too, I may need to ease myself into that one 😉

four // Having an actual date night!  We don't do it often but it's so nice to get out and do some adulting!  We went last weekend with some friends and I didn't get any pics, boo!  But we went to a great restaurant called Portico, delicious food and a great atmosphere.

five // Looking forward to the weekend!  Going to the library, meal planning, getting our house cleaned, going to the gym.  I'm trying to find some good exercises to help with my herniated disk - if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

Also linking up to these lovely ladies, April, Natasha, and Christina!  I adore their blogs!

Have a great weekend Friends!

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  1. Those monster cookies look delicious! I think I need to make them this week!