Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Workin' It Wednesdays

I am beyond thrilled to be participating in the Workin' It Wednesdays link up!  I've been reading Erika and Shays blogs for a while now and have been itching to participate.

The first topic of the year is New Year's Goals.  
Every year my husband and I sit down on New Year's Eve and look at the list we made the year before and then create a new one.  These are usually items related to our home, finances and family.

2017 Goals for us:
Lose weight (shocking and revolutionary!)
Finish getting new windows for our house (boring!)
Family vacation to somewhere warm in the Spring (this one is going to be fun!)
New cars (this will be a fun one too!)

I believe we have a few more on the list but they are obviously not good enough ones for me to remember.

2017 Goals for me:
Blog, blog, blog - I love to read blogs and I used to love to actually blog.  I got away from it when I became pregnant with my son because life got busy and I let it slide.  I really enjoy blogging though and this is something I plan on getting back into.
Reading - oh man, this was a goal last year and I'm proud of what I accomplished, I read way more than I thought I would and will keep this up in 2017.
Devotional time - I was completely inspired by Shay and her One Year Bible.  So much so that I asked for the One Year Bible for Christmas and am planning to read through it this year.  I even told a girlfriend about it and she is going to do it with me, we'll keep each other in check and discuss periodically what we're reading.
Get Active - I said last year that I would love to be more active, find something that I love to do whether it's yoga, cycling, tennis, just something to get me moving other than my toddler. ;)
New recipes - this is a goal that I have for myself every year.  I want to mix up the same old week night meals with some new ones.  So far I've tried two new recipes from Shays cookbook and they were both winners!
Save more money - oh man, I am really going to focus on saving this year.  Life can get crazy and hectic and away from me but I am planning on prioritizing and really setting a good budget to save more.

The last goal is my biggest goal: PURGE - oh my goodness do we have some stuff and it's taking over my life!  I want to get rid of things that I know I don't need and/or will never use again.  From old bills and magazines to clothes and household items, this year will be the year of the Purge for me.

So there are my 2017 far.....I'm sure there will be more added to list later.


  1. Great goals!!! I found that writing a monthly update on my resolutions helped me for the first few months last year!!! And, i'm trying to loose weight too! I even joined a gym!

  2. Great idea Elaine! That would definitely help keep me on top of my goals! Good luck with the gym! I need to actually use mine for working out, we take our son to the pool but that's been it so far. :)

  3. Stopping by from the link-up. Save more money, I feel the same way! It's so hard to do sometimes. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Abby! I know the money one is definitely a hard one!