Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday | Home Tour!

Yay for Show and Tell Tuesday!  

This is one of my favorite blog posts to read (because I'm super nosy) so I had to join in!

And Andrea, can you please fly to Virginia and style my house for me?  Thanks! 
I absolutely love her taste and creativity.  
I find myself saying "What a great idea!", whenever I visit her blog.

So here's what you came for -  
**Disclaimer - I did not clean or straighten before snapping these pics so this is real life ya'll! 

Welcome to my House

Before moving here back in 2009 we lived in a studio apartment downtown (hence the name of my blog, Downtown Southern 😉)

I scoured my old photos to find the pics I took of the house right after we moved in to give you some before and after shots.  (I love those, btw)

So come on in - this is the entryway into the living room 
(pay no attention to the mountain of shoes to your right)

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

  Dining Room

Living Room Before:

Living Room After:

We just got these bookcases over the weekend and I need some major help in styling them!!  Any ideas are welcome!

Laundry Room

Heading upstairs.....

This is the office - sorry it's a bit dark.

Master Bedroom

Nook (En suite) to the Master

Hall Bath 

Little Man's Room 

This room has gone through a couple of changes since we used it as John's nursery and then changed it to his big boy room.

I can't wait to share Fall/Halloween and Christmas home tours!

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