Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Recap

Definitely feels like a Monday over here friends!

We had a very busy weekend with lots of running around and good fun!

How funny is this camp chair!  It was sitting in front of Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it was HUGE!

This pic is actually from last weekend, we went to the movies to see Boss Baby and little man had to take a pic in the Shark!

We hung out at the pool yesterday.  Pool days are my favorite!!!
I'm working on perfecting my pool snacks.  
Anyone have some yummy pool snack recipes they'd like to share?
I'm all ears!

Saturday hubbies soccer team made it to their cup finals and they WON!
Very proud of him and his team!

Saturday night bedtime (I love how it's still light when he goes to sleep!)

Sunday night bedtime was a different story.

I thought for sure he had gone to sleep when he walks into my bedroom like this!?!
Trying on his too small helmet and rain boots.

Does he look ready for bed?  Nope!
He did fall asleep about 20 minutes later, thank goodness!

These are my go to summer nail colors!!!
The pink is BRIGHT!
And the red is the perfect summer red with a hint of coral!

Happy Monday!

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