Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funny Email Conversation!

So I had to share this email conversation, that I just had with my sweet mama...........I think you'll get a kick out of it.

Now, poor thing, she's dealing with what so many people are dealing with right now, the very real and close possibility that she's going to lose her job. She works for a private boarding school and let me just say they haven't treated her the best. She's the account manager.

Anyway, you need to know that my mama does not drink, has never drunk, and will probably never put a drop of alcohol to her lips in this lifetime. She just has no desire, doen't see the point and doesn't care to. More power to her.

So here is how the conversation went:

Mama: You can cut the tension around here with a knife today....UNBELIEVALBE!

Me: Your gonna need a drink by the time the weekend gets here, haha, just kidding!

Mama: YEP - I am glad that I just bought a 6-pack of FUZZ.

Me: What is FUZZ??

Mama: That is the banana - coconut drink that I have been getting. They are really good - Maybe that is not the right name...

Me: haha, do you mean FUZE!

Mama: FUZZ - FUZE - what is the difference when you are unemployed?? When are you coming home?

She makes me laugh. She is also having some serious empty nest syndrome since I got married. Before I would come home at least once a week because the apartment that hubby and I live in isn't big enough for all of my stuff so half of it is at my parents house. I know it's pure tragic and it's torture not having all of my things in one place, I can't wait to buy a house! But back to the topic at hand, since getting married I don't come home nearly as often just because I feel like I should be with my husband more, I'm just old-fashioned that way. So she's having some serious Sarah withdrawal : (

Maybe the FUZZ will wash away her sorrows of not having me there! ; )


  1. Hahahah your mom is adorable!!

  2. Hey! I just found your blog and it is too cute!
    Your mom sounds just like mine!

  3. Too funny! Your mom is hilarious :-)

  4. Aw, your mom sounds adorable! Moms can be so funny sometimes!

  5. Oh, she sounds absolutely adorable!

    And yum, Fuze is delicious (or Fuzz I guess :)

  6. LOL!!! That is how conversations with my Dad go also!!! Sometimes they just don't get it. I just hope that when Ellie is our ages I'll be the ultra fabulous Mom that I've always dreamed of being. :)

  7. haha! omg that totally sounds like something my mother would do!

  8. You are so sweet to tell me about Panera thanks! And this story just brightened my day! Love it!

  9. Your mom sounds like a HOOT! She is too funny...fuzz/fuse what's the differenc LOL

    It is tough dividing your time but be thankful you have a mom who misses you and wants to spend time with you; my mom lives 20 minutes away and only fits me and my kids in her schedule when she isn't dating...or her boyfriend is out of town :(

  10. FUZZ! I love it. I'm sorry to hear about her job and hope the best for her.

  11. What a beautiful blog you have!!!! And your mom is so lovely!

    I am close to my mother as well and it's a gift to have a relationship like that....

  12. Hilarious. :0) It is SO tough fitting everything into an apartment, I am with you! We live at the Rivers Bend Apartments in Chester--cannot WAIT for a house!! I would LOVE to meet up sometime! Where do you live?

  13. Aww! My mom is having withdraws too - but I miss her too!!

  14. I gave you an award at my blog!!