Monday, January 26, 2009


Yay! So as promised here are pictures of my pink swap package from Lori!! Thanks Lori! Here's what my package looked like all wrapped up!
I got some some great spa soap and a pink loofa and a pink massager that Hubby loves!!!

How cute are these candles wrapped in cute pink preppy ribbon!!!

A little pink purse, perfect for going out!

An adoralbe pink wine box filled with pink valentine kisses and hugs!! : )

Lori also gave me a cute pink ribbon journal that's pictured at the top!
I love all of it, thanks so much Lori!! Can't wait to see what everyone else got!
Have a lovely night! ; )


  1. Oh, so exciting. You received some great items.

  2. How CUTE! I'm loving seeing what everyone got! I just need to finish up mine & send it out {so slow...}!

  3. How precious! I especially love the candles! Sorry the house didn't work out! You will find the perfect house though! Don't worry! My husband and I were about to give up on house hunting and just settle for a house when we found the perfect one for us!

  4. Yay! Love the purse!

    I can't wait to finish up my swap gift and send it on out!


  5. I just saw your comments on Wandering DC and wanted to say HI.

    I did another swap and need to get my stuff out ASAP!

    I love your blog; good luck on your house hunting!

  6. So cute!! I love all the pink, and I'd kill for one of the chocolates right about now! :)

  7. I love those candles! What a cute idea.

  8. Oh I so want to do this is you guys have another one!