Monday, January 26, 2009

Good News and the Bad News.....

Bad News first..........the house was a big NO!! I didn't even take pictures of the inside because the whole house would have needed to have been gutted and while Hubby and I don't mind having to do a little renovation we do want to be able to move in while we work on the house we buy and this house was not even livable! : (

Also if you take a look at the pictures below you'll notice that only half of the house has green shutters on the front. The details that Hubby sent me had said that it was only 1780 square feet which I thought was really odd.....well it's two houses in the one house. So the half with the shutters is the house that we were looking at and the other half is someone else's.

The worst thing was that the house was not structurally sound. The stucco on the outside had actually started to buckle and come away from the house and the whole place leaned.

I didn't get my hopes up or anything because I knew there was a good chance that the house would need just too much work on it but I have to say I got a little disspointed when I stepped out onto the balcony and looked at the other houses in the culd-a-sac. It reminded me of the little town in The Holiday where Cameron Diaz has her little Cooper driving fiasco. And it was at night so all of the houses were lit up and just looked so inviting......

Oh well, it wasn't meant to be but thank you girls for all of your well wishes and comments!!

On to the good news! Saturday Hubby and I went and picked up my new Laptop!!! And I was able to get online with it last night and LOVE IT!!! Hubby loves it to because he was on it all afternoon while I went to the store! Very happy!

And more good news!!! I got my PINK SWAP GIFT in the mail on Friday!!! YAY!!! I love all of it and will be posting pictures tonight (while watching Gossip Girl)! ; )


  1. That is too bad that it was such a mess. I know when you find the right house that all the searching will be worth it!

  2. Sorry that the house had so many problems :-( It looked so pretty on the outside, but I'm sure you guys will find a perfect house soon! Good luck! Yay for your new computer!

  3. Sorry about the house. I'm sure something better will come along though.
    Congrats on the new laptop!!!

  4. Boo, sorry about the house! I'm sure there is a lot better/more special one out there waiting for you! Can't wait to see your swap gift! The Fed Ex demons have mine & won't give it up, grr!

  5. Hey Swap partner! I got my gift today and I love it all! The scarf is gorgeous and feels so good!

  6. im mailing your goodies out on wednesday!

  7. Yay for your new laptop! Thats exciting! Can't wait for GG tonight...

  8. Ah, I'm sorry to hear that the stuff with the house didn't work out! But you'll definitely find something absolutely perfect for the two of you!