Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally Pictures!!!

So I am just going to let everyone know that I'm very slow on the technological wave that is the little cord that connects your camera to your computer and allows you to download your pictures! I'm not proud to admit this, but there it is, shoo I feel better all ready! :)

Now here are some long overdo pictures!!!

This is a picture that I took of my hair after my bridal portraits, I would say it was around 6:00 and that would be a good 7-8 hours after my hair was done as well as a good photo session outside in the 90 degree heat!!! Needless to say I was impressed! (Please pay no attention to Feifal and Shrek in the background!)

The second part of my bridal portraits were taken at my Grandmother/Aunt and Uncle's house and they were so sweet as soon as they saw me my Grandmama and Aunt both started crying!!! And then when the photo session was over they had sparkling peach cider and shrimp cocktail waiting for me! And they gave me the above handkerchief that belonged to my Great Grandmother to use as my something old!!!! I was so touched!!!!!!!

This is my BCBG dress that I got for my shower and it was a hit!!! Everyone loved it even Fiance he said it accentuated my best feature (my legs, I'm 5'9") at least my best feature to Fiance ;)

Here are the letters that I got to hang on the Church doors, I'll be hanging them with the tartan ribbon I got!

These are the frames that I got to include as part of my Bridesmaids gifts, I'll be putting poems in them for my girls!

I got a couple of these frames from Michael's to use around the reception!!

And here is my LONG overdo Christmas in July presents that Miss AR got me! A monogrammed hand towel, cute Christmas frame ornament, pink and green photo book, an awesome scarf, an even more awesome gift card to Starbucks, and two pads and a Sharpie pen that will be used at the reception for my coffe table books!!! I'm one lucky girl!
And last but not least here is a peak inside my bachelorette party, you'd think I was at Mardi
Gras with all those beads around my neck!!!!!! hehe!


  1. Great pictures! I love big initial letters and I know I will totally use them in my wedding someday. Your hair looks great and I love that dress!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I love how you will be wearing your hair on your wedding day. I can't get over how good it held up. I like the big initials too! Looks like you had a fun bachelorette party!

  3. Hey! I got the same notecards for my christmas in July swap partner! funny!

  4. love your hair! sounds like a great time!

  5. I love all your different event outfits! That was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning; figuring out what I was going to wear!

    Have a wonderful day!