Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Single White Female

I saw this on the Weddingbee and after debating on what to use to hold my programs and not having any luck in finding what I wanted I decided this was really cute and affordable and would do just fine!
So basically I Single White Femailed Miss Sundae.......thanks Miss Sundae : )

(photo from weddingbee)

Here's the dilemma I'm facing though......my colors are black and ivory......the basket is black and white......the programs are going to be ivory......is that okay?????? Will it look bad do you think????


  1. Being the anal person that I am, I would do a mockup and see if the program looks good inside. Or, if you dont have them, just get some ivory paper about the same size and put some inside and see how it looks. Then you could post that picture and let us give you some feedback! Just an idea :)

  2. Good Idea!!!! I will definitely do that! I want to make sure it looks good and the basket was only 6.99 so worse case scenario I can run out and buy a dark colored basket! Thanks for the idea! :)