Monday, August 4, 2008

Shopping Spree!

If I could go on a shopping spree right this very minute here is where I would go and these are just a few things I would get!!! All of the images are from here ......I love this store!!! It makes me happy! It's also where I got my Bridesmaids totes!! How cute is this stuff???

This little beauty is a wedding response card holder!! SO cute!


  1. The Mr. and Mrs. tags are SO CUTE!!!


  2. I love the dishes and wine glasses!!

  3. These are too cute. I know I said that I put your gift in the mail the day it was suppose to be mailed, When I went to pick up your monogrammed gift it was messed up and they had to redo it. I picked it up today and your swap gift will be put in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for mine, I love all of it.