Thursday, August 28, 2008

Groom's Cake

I realized when Prep E-girl left me a comment about what kind of Doll I needed for my groom's cake that I had never actually told ya'll what I was doing for the groom's cake!

Well after meeting the consultant to go over the wedding cake I asked about a groom's cake and what I told her I really wanted was a soccer ball cake! Because Fiance is a HUGE soccer player, actually played for Scotland at one time, so I knew that's what I wanted for the cake. The consultant proceeded to tell me that it would be around $200 to do a soccer cake because of the roundness of the cake! And Sarah proceeded to choke on the wedding cake she had put in her mouth, just kidding but I was thinking that's outrageous!

So I decided to brainstorm and come up with some other way of making a groom's cake that didn't break the bank! And my sister-in-law popped into my head, she makes all the kids birthday cakes and she super talented, so I thought it would be funny and a good idea to ask her if she would take my niece Lily's barbie cake mold and create the top half of a soccer ball.......and instead of a barbie coming out of the top have either a Ken barbie or a super hero i.e. spiderman, superman, whatever. So that is the game plan and it will be a surprise for Fiance! I think he's going to get a kick out of it!

Here's a picture of a barbie cake, just in case some people reading this have no idea what I'm talking I need to decide if I want Ken or superhero and I think I'm leaning toward superhero.....Image from GoogleImages


  1. So cute! I got custom made cake topper little people from a woman on Etsy ( I bet she could make you something cute that looks just like your hubby to be! Could be a fun surprise for him!


  2. Cute idea...I'm sure he'll love it.

  3. I used to have Barbie cakes for my birthdays when I was little!
    So cute!
    And a great idea to use that for the groom's cake - I think it'll look awesome!

  4. What about a guy who looks like your hubby to be in a soccer jersey? Maybe a jersey with the team he likes, or one he use to play for? If you did the entire body of him you could also add cleats.