Friday, August 8, 2008


I met with the organist and pastor last night.....the pastor just sat in since he's married to the organist! Let me just tell you she is so organized and on the ball that I left there with very good feelings! We decided on 'Glasgow Love Theme' for the grandmothers and mothers walking in and then 'Cannon D' for the Bridesmaids. And she played the 'Cannon D' for me and it was beautiful I could totally picture the girls walking down the isle to that!
For me the piper will be playing 'Ode to Joy' and then for Fiance and I he will play 'Mairi's Wedding' (never heard it but I'm sure it's lovely). I'm also going to get the piper to play 'Holy, Holy, Holy' while Fiance and I light the unity candle.

My organist and pastor are the nicest people, they have three daughters who are all married so they had a plethora of wedding things for me to borrow. I'm getting a lovely mahogany easel for my portrait, a cute mail box for the cards, and they actually had a silver cake stand they said I could use!!! Only problem was I got it home and realized it's 14"......same size as the base of my cake so it won't work, I have to find a 16" one. :( Oh well the other stuff will come in handy for sure!!!

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