Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The List!


I still have so much left to do!!! And since I'm a OCD List maker, I'm going to list out what I have left to do.

Create Program Outline
Find Program paper
Print Programs
Create Wedding Day Timeline
Confirm wedding rehearsal reservations and decide what our guests will be able to choose from to eat
Finish getting Bridesmaids gifts
Get handkerchiefs for mom, dad, and MIL
Get memory vase
Create Favors!
Put family wedding photos together
Finish pulling together pictures for slideshow and get to SIL
Pick out Doll for Grooms cake
Pick out pictures and frames for table centerpieces
Decide on picture for my bridal portrait and have it printed and framed
Send a playlist of songs to DJ
Decide on transportation to reception from the Church
Create "thank you" sign to use for thank you cards
Out of Town bags....have the bags need to get everything that's going in them
Need to get Garter
Need to get Cake Stand
Meet with Pastor for counseling
Need to get dresses for Shower #2 and Rehearsal
Need to decide what I'm wearing under my wedding dress
Get Marriage License
Get documents for changing my name
Contact vendors to finalize everything

I'm sure that I've left some things out but that's, for the most part, what I have left to do before the big day!!! I need to get busy!


  1. What kind of "doll" are you getting for the groom's cake? I got these ADORABLE figurines made from Etsy if that's what you're looking for.


  2. I can remember those lists like it was yesterday. SO FUN!!!

  3. I may just print out your list.... ;-)
    We still have 79 days to go, and we still have many of the same things you do left to do!
    Are you doing escort cards?? I think that is the task I'm least looking forward to doing - figuring out the table arrangements!

  4. Luckily we are doing a heavy appetizers/buffet menu. My motto throughout the whole wedding planning process has been simplicity so I didn't want to have to do a sit down dinner. The escort cards, table arrangements, etc. was just too much for me to think about let alone actually do them! Good luck though, I'm sure you'll get them knocked out before you know it! :)