Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm a Pearl Girl

If I had to tell you what my favorite peice of jewelry was (aside from my engagement ring of course) I would tell you, without a doubt, my pearl necklace and pearl studs. I absolutely love them and wear them everyday! Fiance actually got them for me about three years ago and I've been attached at the neck and ears to them ever since. I've had to get them cleaned twice and restrung once. Needless to say I will difinitely be wearing my pearls on my wedding day along with another pair of pearl drop earrings that fiance gave to me that he actually had made for me!!! He's a keeper ;)!

But lately I've been worrying that I'm wearing them too much, I decided to try and take a break from them so when my wedding day comes I'll be so excited to wear them, but then I think I'm just being silly and I should wear them becuase I love them so much. However I did a little shopping for some alternatives, any reason to shop you know!! And let me just tell you I am hard wired to buy bargains! I just can't spend a lot of money on things when I know I can get them for a better price somewhere else! So I went to Forever 21 and got some cute big bead necklaces for only $5.80 a peice! I got these in a little more of a light pink color and black. I'm hoping they'll do the trick and keep me away from my pearls until the big day but I don't know! I'll keep you posted!

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