Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Save the Date!

We just sent out our STD's at the beginning of May. We were running against the stamp increase clock! I did a lot of research online looking for something that was cute and different. I really liked the idea of a magnet because it can be put in a place where you're constantly reminded of the wedding! So while looking online I ran across a website that did childrens photos of the bride and groom and put them together to create a super cute picture. I fell in love with the idea instantly! I thought that would be the cutest thing ever, now I just needed to get a good picture of finace and I that could be put into one picture. There was just one problem, fiance is from Scotland so we had little to no baby/kid pictures of him. Luckily we went to visit his family right after Christmas and I snagged a few more pics of him. Fiance was looking through a collective pile of pics when he came across "the one" I mean this picture couldn't have been more perfect, it's a picture of me when I was little and all dressed up for Homecoming Court (it's a southern thing) with my escort Ralph this poor kid was just about as dorky as they come. Bless his heart I sure hope he grew up to be a less of a dork than he was back then because otherwise there's no hope for him. Anyway, the best man just happens to be in advertising and a wiz at the computer graphics so I sent him our pictures and this is what he came up with.

Seriously it couldn't have turned out more perfect! I got the magnet made over at vista print and put on there These Kids are Getting Married! Save the Dates....success.....check!!!

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