Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Beautiful Maids

After Fiance and I got engaged and we finally started thinking about what we wanted our wedding to be we decided that we definitely wanted a small wedding party. So I asked my two best girlfriends to be my Maid of Honor and my Martron of Honor and then Fiances sister to be my Bridesmaid. As a side note I am the only girl of five, yes that means I have four brothers! It wasn't that bad, really! And then Fiance asked three of his close soccer buddies to be his groomsmen and one of them is going to be his Best Man. As I said in an earlier post Fiance is from Scotland and all of his childhood friends are spread out all over the world so he wanted to keep it easy and just ask the local peeps. His sister is still in Scotland though but it hasn't been bad because we always talk over email and I update her on all of the wedding plans AND I picked out the bridesmaids dresses early on and was able to take hers to her over Christmas! Speaking of dresses here is what I chose for the ladies!

They are wearing the black because the groomsmen are wearing kilts, so I figured black would go with them the best. I haven't 100% decided if I want them to wear the sash with it or not. I might just let them go without. The best thing about this dress is that I got them from Target online for only 89.99 plus free shipping for them. The worst thing about this dress is that the only way into it is through those buttons you see on the back and while I love the way it looks it's a bit of a pain to button up, so I think the girls might get a zipper put in the side.

But I'm really excited about them and think they are going to look oh so pretty!! But what do you all think sash or no?


  1. I love the dress! My vote is - no sash. A simple, strapless, black dress is so classic and timeless.

  2. Thanks! I'm definitely leaning towards the no sash, thanks for the help!