Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

So I was pretty productive this weekend and got almost all of my list completed!

Flower Petals are done. (Still looking for a pen)

I saw a really cute basket at World Market but I didn't get it because I'm still trying to decide....

I'm still playing with the idea of a small little trunk if I can find one, I'm going to check out Ebay.

I've picked out the pots and pans thanks to Miss Etiquettely Correct for her comment and after getting some good comments on the vacuum I've almost decided on that.

Called the Florist and got my bouquet reserved for my portraits.

Got a good start on some cute pictures for the slide show at the reception.

So all in all a good weekend ya'll!

On an unrelated wedding topic I got this fantastic tennis bag (that I've been stalking online for a while now) at Marshall's for only $20!!!! The cheapest I was able to find it online was $35 and then you'd have to add shipping of course.


  1. Have you tried Garden Ridge or Kirkland's for the small trunk? I'm not sure if you have either of these stores near you, but I know I've seen small trunks there before. I wouldn't know if they have them now, but thought I would offer the suggestion.

  2. Oh my gosh, I don't know why I didn't think of those places myself!! We do have Kirkland's and we used to have a Garden Ridge but I think it closed down. I will definitely check them out! Thank you so much for the suggestions!! :)