Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Flutes!

I've been looking and thinking for a while about what kind of Champagne Flutes to get for the wedding for our toasts, after the cake has been cut. I really wanted to find something that had a bit of a southern flair! And when I think of southern flair I think of my Granny's crystal....if she's got any glass around the house then it's a beautiful chiseled crystal. She actually gave Fiance and me an awesome punch bowl that was that cut glass crystal look....I don't know what the proper word for that is, if it's cut glass or chiseled or what, I'll just use both. Anyway I thought that would be the perfect touch, it's a little different and I think it's got a definite southern charm to it!

So allow me to introduce you to the lovely little jewels that I just added to my beloved registry! I just added two of the flute one not any of the other ones.Aren't they gorgeous!?! And would ya'll like to know the best part?????? They're Kate Spade for Lenox!!! Ultimate happiness! What are you planning on using for your toasting flutes or what did you use for your toasting flutes? I'd love to know!


  1. That was one little detail that I really did not even think about. We just used the standard crystal ones the reception place had.

  2. we actually forgot ours at my parents house and ended up using plastic ones. Luckily our plastic ones were pretty nice, but I don't think anyone noticed, and we didnt care! =)

  3. We used the flutes from the reception site. We do have flutes in our crystal pattern that we use at home.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. I love your flutes! I think we are just going to use regular champagne glasses and of course, tie ribbon around them :)

    I think that glass is actually called "etched glass." I only know that because my parents collect antiques and my Daddy feels the need to educate me about antiques.

  5. Etched glass! I knew it was something like that but I couldn't remember the word!! Thanks! I think I must be in bride overload since I'm thinking about every single teeny tiny detail like this!