Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The moment I knew......

that this was my dress! Ha, I bet you thought I was going to tell you a romantic story about me and Fiance! Tricked ya!
So I always used to hear brides say that they knew the dress was "the one" when they tried it on so for me that's what I was looking and waiting for..."the one" Ironically enough the first dress I tried on I thought was "the one" it was beautiful and it looked beautiful on me, but I didn't want to stop at the first dress because even though I thought it was "the one" I wasn't 100% sure and so that made me a little skeptical about "the one" theory!

I think I must have tried on two dozen dresses and kept thinking about the first one. I was looking for classic, timeless, not over the top but I wanted to have a little bit of the wow factor, you know!? So my mom and I decided to go to Williamsburg and look at a bridal shop there and the ladies were so sweet and picked out at least 10 dresses but again none of them felt like "the one".......that is until I got to the last one. I was all ready to give up and go put my clothes back on when the lady that was helping me told me I had one more to try on, I looked at it and said no thanks I didn't like it. And I really didn't like it, not the way it looked in the bad and she told me, "You're already undressed you might as well try it on" so I said okay what the heck and went and put it on................OH MY GOSH YA'LL, seriously, the angels starting singing the lights from Heaven poured down on me and I completely had "THE ONE" feeling!!!! I loved it! I love everything about it! It couldn't have been more perfect for me!

This is me with the "oh my gosh it's the one" look on my face! Please note that this dress was a size 14 or something hence the reason I'm all clipped up in the back.

I absolutely love the lace on this dress!

And the train, I originally didn't want that big of a train but I changed my mind completely when I put this dress on!

I didn't get the dress bustled this way, I got it bustled over the top. It ended up looking way better!

You can't really tell from these pictures but this dress sparkles and I mean it really sparkles. I hope my photographer can get some good shots of it in all its sparkley glory!

Pure happiness! I was holding back a little because there was a creepy guy sitting about 2 feet away from me staring at me, I think he had a mail order bride with him, seriously she didn't speak a lick of english!!! Creepy!

The only reason I'm posting these pics of me in my dress is becuase Fiance doesn't read my blog so I'm in the clear!

And you'll get to see more of me in my dress before the wedding because I'm getting my bridal portraits done in July!!! Yea!!


  1. It is a gorgeous gown and it looks fabulous on you. Congratlations on such a great find.

  2. great choice! finding your wedding dress is one of those moments that you want to bottle, it's that good.

  3. I love the train! It's beautiful!