Friday, July 25, 2008

Flower Girl Gifts, Part I

I love my little nieces and I'm so glad that they are going to be in my wedding! I love my nephews too, but there's four of them and I didn't want to choose just two of them and I definitely didn't want to have all four of them in the wedding!! So I decided to just go with the little girls, since there's only two of them! : )I really wanted to get them some cute flower girl gifts and I knew that I wanted to get some kind of basket to put all of the gifts in. I thought about doing a pretty white wicker basket but then I went to World Market and found these.
I got them the one with the pink flowers, I thought it would be something colorful and different and they could use it to store their toys in. I also found there flower girl dresses at Marshalls!!! I got them right around Easter and they were only $24.95!!! I was so excited about what a deal I had gotten and they look so precious in them!!!


  1. Your nieces are precious!!
    We're having my fiancee's niece as our flower girl, she'll be 18 months old. I, however, was not smart enough to go out looking for a dress around Easter. So we're having a hard time finding a good deal.
    For her gift, I am having a special faux floral headband made for her. And I had thought about coloring books, or a toy.

  2. Oh my gosh it definitely did make my year, hah my life is complete! Your flower girls dresses are so precious! :)