Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was tagged by Miss Etiquettely Correct to list 5 songs I am embarrassed to admit I like.

Here are the rules:*Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
*Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others that you like and tell why.
*Tag 7 random people at the end of post.

Barbie Girl – This is one of those songs that I have to sing whenever I hear it, but last year when Fiance and I were driving home from a wedding it came on and we sang the whole song with him singing "ken" and me singing "barbie" it was hilarious!
Hey Ya - Andre 3000 – This song wouldn't be embarrassing normally, but my girlfriends and I actually have specific dance moves to this song and yes it wasn't that long ago! :)
Devil went down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band – Love it, Love it, Love it, always have. It's a southern thing I guess.
Fancy – Reba McIntyre – This goes back to my days when I was a hard core country music fan and this song always gave me goosebumps, still does!
Pina Colada – Rupert Holmes – The lyrics to this song are so awful but there's just something about it that I love, I really don't know what it is but it makes me happy.

I am never very good at knowing who has done what tags - so here are the people I am tagging, but if you have already done it, no worries :) Happy Daily, Riley, Topanga Bay, My Life as a Married Girl, Preppy Bride, Belle I am, Bell of the Ball

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  1. Ahh! Fancy! That song absolutely gives me goosebumps..I can just see Reba and her daughter in the music video! How's the wonderful wedding coming along? The pics were fantastic!